Sunday, February 14, 2010

Striking Distance

My wife and friends went for a bike ride today. Lyons and Jay slept in. I went for a run. I put a slow and boring twenty mile run in the bag. I'm tired, sore and content. Twenty six point two finally seems "doable", it will be slow, but "doable". I miss my bike.

Happy "V" day!
Team Sam

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

She thinks my truck is sexy!

Team Sam is taking a few days off this week to do "nothing". "Nothing" consists of doing what we want when we want. Today we went out for a light breakfast, Lynn and I took our road bikes out for a easy 30 mile small ring ride, met Towmater, celebrated with a beer, cleaned up and we went to a movie. We hope the rest of the week will follow suit.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

summer 2010

This blog has not been updated in forever, the reasons are many. First my camera broke, photos are almost always our inspiration to blog. Second, we have be busy, not the fun kind either. Mostly work and other grown up stuff has kept us preoccupied.

Let's get the important stuff out of the way first, Lyons and Jay continue to be very, happy, healthy and lazy. They have claimed our new comfy bed as their own, relegating Lynn and I to the couch!

The summer/spring season is getting closer by the day, I have solidified my plans 2010, beginning with the Cox Marathon in Providence on 5/2/10. My training is on target, I'm highly motivated to run and best of all, I feel great! After the marathon I will transition to the bike, and plan to race every Wed.night training race at Ninigret park.

On the first weekend of the summer, Lynn and I will hike the Presidential Traverse in one day. Should prove to be a 14+ hr hike. Hopefully my running fitness will translate to hiking.

On July 10-11th I will race the Pat's peak 24hr MTB race. I will compete in the solo 24hr class, on a single speed. There is no single speed class, so I'm making my own.

Lynn plans on testing the Down Hill MTB racing waters, She has a Highland Mountain bike pass for 2010 season and instruction from National cat 2 Silver medalist Mike Iafrate. Look for her results at the Pats Peak MTB festival among other events. She also has designs on racing a moderate crit. season.

What about the scooter? The motor is out and torn down. The cylinder, piston, head, carburetor, flywheel and hubs are in California getting worked over by a not so well known international scooter racing champion and master machinist. I am in the process of blueprinting the transmission and working out the the brakes and suspension.

Thanks for reading!