Monday, December 29, 2008

weekend ride report!

Saturday Lynn, Wild Bill, Frate and myself headed out to Big River for a 'cross bike ride in the rain. I think everyone except Lynn was thinking twice about starting a ride in the rain. Frate was riding a demo Santa Cruz stigmata, a super bad ass 18lb 'cross bike. The rain stopped once we warmed up and the conditions were perfect, sluhsy snow, frozen leaves and mud! We rode for almost three hrs. followed up with beer and pizza, a blast was had by all accounts!

Sunday, Frate, Mtb. Dee and myself met up at Lincoln woods for a T shirt and shorts ride (60 degrees!). I rode my 'cross bike, which was a bit of a mistake, the slippery conditions, technical nature of the trails and my lack of ability all conspired against me. I had a great time watching Fr8 and Dee drop off ledges and jump stuff, these guys can ride! Fr8 put the frosting on the cake, so to speak, with an endo into the mud! Bravo! Well done Sir!

We had a most excellent weekend!

Note: the above pic was lifted from D's blog, check it out for more pics.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Team Sam. is happy to welcome "Wild" Bill Doonan into the M1 racing fold. For those who don't know Bill, he is a perennial good guy, whose positive attitude is infectious.
Check out his new blog!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays and Stuff and Junk

Well it's here, the dreaded Holiday season. It's the time of year to get fat and spend what little money we have left over after bicycle racing. But the truth be told, we here at Team Sam H.Q. are suckers for the the holidays. It was a year ago that Lynn, Lyons and I decided to adopt Jay from the Lincoln dog track. We had a warm loving home to enjoy during the the holidays and we decided that it would be nice to share it with another greyhound in need. This year we cannot responsibly adopt another, we simply do not have the means. So if you resuced an animal in need this year, cheers to you! If you're contemplating adopting, NOW is the time to do it!

To all our friends and family, we hope that you survive the holiday season and have some fun along the way!

Love Lynn, Mike, Lyons and Jay

Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend ride report....

Bike riding was fun again this weekend! Lynn,m-effer and Fr8 went to Vietnam on Saturday and had a blast for two plus hrs in the freezing cold! Lynn was able to demo a Felt compulsion squishy bike, the verdict you ask? "It's nice, it took me a while to get used to it, I still prefer a hard tail." While Lynn was Huck'n Gnarr with the big boys, I was rolling on my road bike with Wild Bill and the infamous Joe S. We headed out in into ct. on 49. This is one of our favorite scenic rides. Yes, it was cold and windy, yes we went slow, Of course, we ate pizza and drank beer after. Sunday am, Lynn had to work, so Noah J. of and i headed to The Nemba fun ride in Lincoln Woods. We met up with Wild Bill, Bad brad, Fr8, Chris F and had a blast carving up the frozen woods. We did two loops in the bright sunshine, the weather was perfect. I love bike racing but, a fun day in the woods with your friends goofing around on bikes is so fun! Bonus, after the ride we were greeted with hot chili, Stacy even made veggie chili for us animal huggers! Much thanks to the distinguished Mr. Mt Dee, great job!

Tuesday 12/16/2008 is our wedding anniversary,Lynn was able to hang on for another year, Woohoo!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Last race report of 2008!

Lynn competed in her her final race of the 2008 season with solid mid pack finish on Sunday at the NBX Grand Prix. She was excited to wake and find that it's was snowing, as condition worsen the fun quotient goes up. The nastier the better, it's all about the skills, so with 45 psi in her tires Lynn warmed up with team boss Murat. At the start of the race she got a great hole shot, 4Th into the woods, her sprinting has improved drastically this year. She lost ground in the long deep arduous beach runs. I was happy she finished the race, healthy with a big smiley dirt speckled grin!

Team Sam is looking forward to a full '09 season, with a few surprises, Track racing? BMX racing? Dual slalom? 24hr solo mtb? Down hill? Unicycle trials?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lean Forth...and eat Turkey

Turkey day was a good day, except for the poor turkey. Our family had a last minute change of holiday plans due to Lynn's unexpected hospital stay earlier in the week. Yes,she is fine, No Joe, she wasn't faking, Yes, she is tougher than anybody I know. So we shared an abbreviated but fun and relaxing holiday with Mike I., Carrol, Zack and Paige. Everybody is healthy, our small home is full of love and the pitter patter of little feet. We have a lot to be thankful for!

Long ride Sunday mornng @ 9:ish, call or e-mail.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jay is ok!

Lynn and I got an early x-mas present and have one more thing to be thankful for this holiday season. Jay aka Judge O'Malley is going to be OK. His biopsy came back clear. It turns out that the "mass" on his leg is just damage from an old injury. Jay has no racing record that we can find and he was fairly young when he went up for adoption. We are wondering if his racing career ended early (mercifully)due to a severe leg injury. Lyons had a good history and was quite fast, but when they play, Jay is a bit faster.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The ouch and aaawww campaign...

Lyons and Judge have spent some time at the Veterinarian this week. Lyons pulled out some of his front teeth, while we were at work. He and Jay must have engaged in a tug-o-war, Lyons lost.
Judge has had a sore left foot for a few days. His regular vet. prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. After a week, he was not any better. X-rays were the next step, revealing a "mass" on his leg. Yesterday our youngest dear puppy had a bone biopsy. AAAWWW! No worries,Jay is recovering nicely.

This week Team Sam spent over $1500.00 in vet bills, this number will triple if the biopsy specimen turns out to be malignant. So everything that is not nailed down goes on ebay. My vintage bmx frame set and various items end today. I will be listing a Jamis Dakota Elite mtb frame with carbon rear stays (size med) in addition to other neat bike stuff.

I am also contemplating the sale of my 2006 Honda crf 150. I purchased it new as a left over in 2007. I've ridden it a few times, maybe six? It has been jetted and de-resctricted. Lynn also has a Kawasaki klx125 with a new rear tire, poweroll exhaust and jet kit. Also possibly available will be riding boots, pants, jersey and helmets.

Lynn is looking forward to the NBX 'cross race on 12/07/08. My busted up collar bone is healing, I ditched the sling early and can't wait to get back on a bike. I feel like I've gained about five pounds in two weeks!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes on three....We Won!

Why is this Dog smiling?

Published: November 4, 2008

BOSTON—Massachusetts voters on Tuesday approved a ban on greyhound racing.

"The measure will force the state’s two greyhound race tracks—Wonderland and Raynham Park—to close their doors by Jan. 1, 2010.

Supporters argued greyhound racing is inhumane and that greyhounds are routinely injured during races, including broken legs, paralysis and even death from cardiac arrest.

The state’s dog tracks say the greyhounds are well cared for and looked after by veterinarians. They also pointed to their efforts to ensure greyhounds are adopted once their racing days are over.

The track owners say eliminating the tracks will take a financial toll on the state. They said up to 1,000 workers will lose their jobs.

A similar question narrowly lost eight years ago."

Our concern now, is that there is going to be an immediate overload of Greyhounds in shelters. The problem is that if there is no room in these shelters, the remaining dogs will be killed. We will do our part, by adopting a third if the need arises. If you have ever considered opening your home to a grateful and loving dog, NOW is the time.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The clavicle is attached to the....well not anymore.

After a long bicycle season, which included; training, criterium racing,(including one hard crash at Attleboro),commuting daily on a fixed gear and brakeless bike,lots of mtb riding, racing a mtb endurance race, learning to drop in on a bmx, a few 'cross races(including another hard crash at Glouscter)and a day at Highland mtb park, it finally happened. I fractured my collar bone, riding an ancient Polish three speed girl's bike on Broadway. Halloween night Lynn, Mike I and I were rolling down Broadway, laughing and goofing off coming home from dinner. I was pretending to go fast on a silly bicycle, chasing Mike, as I stood on the pedals to accelerate, the quill stem loosened and the front wheel flopped over to the left.I hit the ground with no warning. The full force of the impact was applied to my right shoulder. Frate said that I blacked out for five minutes, I don't remember. The old polish Tyler is ok. Go figure.

See you at the bike swap on Sunday!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First things, first.....

If you are a Massachusetts registered voter, PLEASE vote yes on question 3. If you know a Mass. resident, please spread the word. Vote to approve the Greyhound protection act, ending dog racing in Massachusetts forever. Even if you are not a "dog person" or an "animal lover", dog racing is a cruel and abusive sport, which has no place in a civilized society.

Just a couple quick bicycle related updates; Lynn and I survived Highland MTB park with out any serious injuries. First a big thanks to Mike F. for letting Lynn and I ride his high zoot big $$$ bikes down a steep rocky mountain. Down hill, freeride, dirt jumping and "pump tracks" are all new to me. I felt like a have never ridden a bicycle before, I always thought that I had a decent set of bike handling skills, not any longer! Watching Mike F. "style" every jump, clearing all the gaps in the "Sherwood Forest" was worth the trip. Adam S. also joined us, there is NOTHING this man cannot do on a bicycle, everything from Pro crit. races to dirt jumping, wow! Mike I.? He won the silver medal at nationals for downhill, nuff said.
We had a great time, I highly recommend Highland!

The Dirt Demo (interbike east) was a blast, Almost the entire P. bike crew was in attendance. We rode everything from high end commuter bikes, cheap city bikes (pictured) to the latest super squishy mountain bikes. Which did I like the most? I honestly don't know. High tech "gizmo" mtbs leave me cold, I like simple light weight hard tail mountain bikes. On the otherhand there was something I liked about every bicycle. Lynn loved the BMC carbon full suspension cross country race bike. We attended the industry after party, then headed into town for dinner and beers. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend the day.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Look what I found

Look what I found on the interweb! This is my old car! I purchased it from the original owner in 1991, over the next twelve years,I turned it in to a "full tilt" tarmac rally car. My focus changed from racing cars to bicycles, so I sold the GTI to a mechanic who worked with me at the dealership. He in turn sold it again and I lost track of the car, but heard random reports that it was destroyed in a rollover crash. I feel a bit conflicted about seeing the car in action with some stranger behind the wheel. I spent an unconcievable amount of time building, tuning,racinig and rebuilding this car. I realize it is just an object, but it represents a little more than a 1/4 of my lifetime. There were many cars, but this red GTI should have been a keeper.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hijinx & Highland Mountain

Adam S., Mike F., Mike I., Zack, Lynn and I are LL headed to Highland Mountain Bike park early Saturday Morning. Watch this space for updates and pics.

Then: Interbike announced it will host its first annual Interbike Outdoor Demo East Tuesday, October 21 to Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Roger Williams Park in Providence, R.I.

Sunday? MTB riding early then, off to Brookline MA for Swedish car day @ the museum of transportaion, Woo Hoo!

Lots of days off, 'cross racing, mtb riding, friends and beer! October = FUN!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Erdinger Gran Prix of Gloucester, New Shoes

Lynn, showing off her fancy new Italian shoes. Prada? Yeah right!

Saturday Lynn, Lyons, Jay and myself, loaded up for an early morning trip up to Goucester. We enjoyed a quiet sunrise drive up to the North Shore. We were nervous, but played it cool. My race was first, after registration as we rode the course, other riders were slipping and sliding in the wet grass. We were beginning to feel confident.

My starting position was in the second to the last row, in a 100+ field. My plan was to sprint hard, gain the best position possible before entering the tape. This worked fairly well as I swam upstream, though the center of the pack. Once into the first tape sections all bets were off, I concentrated on late apexing(sp) the corners, shutting the door on as many riders as possible. Once into the top twenty, the field seemed to thin out. Then it was over, on the down hill section after the barriers, a rider in front of me high sided. I pulled up on the bars, there was no time, I drilled my front wheel into his back, blowing over the bars, knocking the wind out of me. Some spectator told me that I was okay, I believed him. I got back on, can't catch my breath. I finish the lap...but not the race.

Lynn's starting position was better, but not great. It's very encouraging to see a 60+ woman's 3/4 field at a 'cross race, or any race for that matter. The officials still can't seem to give the women their own race. The woman's race was sandwiched between the older juniors and younger juniors. The first group were to ride one more lap than the woman. When the laps cards shown 2 to go, that meant 1 to go for the woman?!?! Needles to say the race results are FUBAR! I'm convinced Lynn completed one extra lap and was scored accordingly. For the first three laps, she was riding a couple of spots outside of the top twenty. The results showed acknowledged lapped riders in the top ten. Frustrating! It was still a wonderful day of bike racing, friend, dogs, beer and splendid New England landscapes! Things could be worse!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Berlin Express Arrives in Paris"

Artist-Len Krenzler

This image depicts an actual event: "In the spring of 1944, Bill Overstreet of the famous 357th FG was hot on the tail of a German ME109G. The pilot of the 109 flew right over Paris where German anti-aircraft artillery was heavy, probably in hopes they would solve his problem by eliminating Bill and his P51C named the “Berlin Express”."

Here is the encounter described in Bill's own words:

"I had followed this 109 from the bombers when most of the German fighters left. We had a running dogfight and I got some hits about 1500 feet, He then led me over Paris where Many guns were aimed at me. As soon as he was disabled, I ducked down just over the river (smaller target for the Germans ). Followed the river until I was away from Paris." - Bill

When asked what was around the tower at the time, Bill said, “I'm not sure, I was a little busy.”

I find the pilot's heroism and humility incredible, but in all honesty, can you imagine?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

echos of eco-cross

Early, Sunday am, Lynn headed off to East Falmouth for The 6th Annual Corner Cycle Coonamessett Eco-Cross. This event is one of her favorites, the course rewards technical skills, plus the venue is at a gorgeous farm! Lynn was able to get off a strong start and fought hard to hold her position, securing second spot on the podium. She was also very happy to share the podium with another local racer, Giulia Righi.

Gloucester on Saturday!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

cutest mouse pad and coolest cross race

Bad Brad thinks he has the cutest mouse pad, but Team Sam has him beat!

Lynn, Wild Bill, Lyons, Judge(we call him jay now, it just fits better)and myself, left for The New England Velo-Cross Challenge in NH at 5:ish this am. We were among the first to arrive, which gave us a chance to pre-ride the course. Lynn had a real good warm up and a good feeling abount the course. She got a very good start, the second woman into the woods, quickly picking off the lead rider. She held on for a few strong laps, but, alas one rider got by. She place second in her first cyclocross race of the year!

My race was next, I got the holeshot into the woods, only to fall while trying to ride up the first run up. Lost 5 places during my momentary loss of judgment. The next laps were spent fighting for spots. With three to go I was in second place and could see the leader. I fought hard in the power sections but I could not reel him in. I finished second with a severe case of lung burn.

Wild Bill? He's racing Sucker brook tomorrow, so he took it easy on the competion, no reason to show all your cards this early in the season.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lynn's race results and california pics

Lynn won her class at the Domnarski Farm mtb race , the last Root 66 event for the season. M1 teammate Scott S placed second in the Single speed sport class, his first ever mtb race!

Salvation at Newark

This is the only REAL beer they had on tap...

Huntington...the only surfer I saw


oil rigs on the coast

Thursday night activities

New York city viewed from above the clouds

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Boring" and "Bored"

I am writing this blog out of pure boredom. I has been a truly long time since I've been this bored.Why? I'm trapped in a hotel, in Anaheim California, without a car or bicycle. Walk or take the bus? Any point of interest is over ten miles in any direction. I've take two epic journeys via public transportation in Orange County. One to Huntington beach and the other trip was to Long beach.

Huntington beach was nice to see in person, I saw the pier, got my feet wet, tasted the Pacific ocean (oddly, it tastes like the atlantic),had a bad slice of New York style pizza and had a beer while sitting on the beach, watching the sun set over the offshore oil rigs. It's a tourist trap, just like Daytona, Virginia beach and Myrtle beach. It was not worth the $5.00 in bus fees and the FOUR hour round trip. Yes, it took TWO hours each way to travel twelve miles. I can say this; the locals (that I met on the bus) were super polite, helpful and kind.

Long beach? Yeah, it's like Warwick, only they have the Queen Mary, BFD! A complete waste of time.

I was planning to go to Newport beach tonight, but my travel schedule tommow is going to suck, ---public bus trip to the airport:2hrs. sitting in the airport before my flight :1hr. leave Ca at 9:30 pm pst arrive in Newark at 5:30 am est-- sit in the airport for 3hrs-- leave Newark at 8:30 am and arrive in Warwick at 9:30 am-- take public bus to Providence, 1 hr, so Im thinking 14-15 hours of being at the mercy of public transportaion will be enough.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

California or bust!

I'm off to California, Monday, for work. I won't return until mid-morning Saturday. I'll miss the NBX training race(Lynn will be there) and the Bob Beal weekend. I've never been to southern California, so I have a few questions; I'm taking my fixed gear bicycle to get around, is orange county C.A. bike friendly? Will I survive the mean streets of socal on a brakless fixed gear? Do they have real beer in the land of make-believe?

*Edit- $100 each way to take my bike in a thule box! F*%k that! The box must be less than 62 linear inches (h+l+w) and weigh in less than 50lbs. Hmm, need a folding bike. I don't want to be held captive in a hotel for 5 days.....I WILL go out of my mind...public transportation in CA is notoriously bad.

*Edit Bicycle Licenses?
"Did you know that every bicycle that is ridden on Anaheim City streets must be licensed? The Anaheim Fire Department issues bicycle licenses at all of its Fire Stations.
Bicycle licenses are $3.00 and are good for two years. All fire stations issue licensing seven days a week between the hours of 8:00 a.m. & 5:00 p." - WTF?! I already hate California!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pink cup cakes

Wells ave Sunday, "A" and "B" combined groups, high winds and some heavy hitters conspired to make this race hard. Millwork One big dogs; Murat, Adam and Matt worked the race like the seasoned vets they are. Murat took the first prime, ONE pink frosted cup cake, way to go boss! I did my best to ride in a supportive roll, Murat and I provided a lead out, for Matt who won the field sprint! It was fun to ride as a team! My good friend Wild Bill put in a stellar effort, he was able to bridge gaps in a single bound! "B" masters 'cross racers you have been warned!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

vote for the dogs

In 68 days Massachusetts residents can vote to end Greyhound racing in their state forever. Please vote "YES ON 3" if you are a Mass. resident, if not please spread to word.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dawn patrol

Sunday was the first local cyclocross of the year, Wild Bill and I were ready (Lynn had to work). The Old Volvo was loaded up for an O'darkthirty dawn patrol. Once on the road, the excitement of a new season was apparent, we chattered on about our new rides, training and beer. Wild Bill's enthusiasm is just what I need to before races, it's infectious!

We arrived early, with plenty of time to pre-ride the course, register and socialize. Bill's cyclocross tip: always arrive two hours minimum be for your start time. Getting settled and focused before my race is a luxury,that I never seem to afford myself.

My race started very fast and stayed that way. I fell out out the top ten, with three laps to go. I was rushing, my dismounts were ugly and sloppy. I decided to slow down on these sections, it seemed to work, I was able to get a few places back finishing 11th. I have a ton of technical work to do.

Wild Bill finished with a very strong 8Th in the 45plus, racing against some real talent.

After our races, we had a beer, then a large eggplant, spinach and feta pizza!

Note: The english spitfire painting is not relevent, but it's my blog and I like it.

Cross season is here!

Friday, August 22, 2008

a state of flux

.....First things first...This is NOT my new cross bike.....I do get to use it this season. Blunt park with Wild Bill on Sunday.

Lyons and Judge(Jay) are enjoying the summer, in air conditioned comfort!

Some house keeping:

The official team sam cell phone has met it's us @ the home phone, work phone or e-mail.

Providence Bicycle has a shop ride every Thursday, leaving the lot @ 6:05pm. This is a slow to moderate pace ride for about an hour, everyone is welcome. We have a yahoo group, check it out for ride updates.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

8-9 race and ride report

Lynn went up to Highland mtb park with Mike I, Mike F and a few other guys from the shop. Mike I, perennial good guy, (and national downhill silver medalist) set up his Sinister dirt jump mtb for Lynn to ride. Setting up the fit, suspension and switching the brake levers 'cuse Lynn rides moto style, weird I know. Needless to say, but from all accounts, she rocked it, on a hard-tail no less.

I raced the Gate City crit. in both the cat4/5 and masters. I did not have a great day, In the first few laps of the 4/5 race I witnessed a rider drill the ground with his face at speed. It shot my nerves. The only place I fell confident to pass was on the left side of the climb. This is the location I would consistently make up spots, only to loose my nerve going into the corners. I know, "Mike, sit on the front where it's safe"...I just didn't.... Not happy. The 35+ race was much smoother, the race went with out incident, I was following John L., he is a great wheel to follow. Then I realized that I was at the back of the bus, any attempt to swim upstream was was met with resistance from my legs. My race was over, I finished at the end of the pack.

Looking forward to the Witches cup Wendsday!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I love it when a plan comes together!

My ribs are feelin' better, road rash is almost healed, Lynn is thinking about cyclocross, I want to race!

Here is the plan:

Major Taylor this Sunday.

Concord crit sat. 8-03

Rochester? or Gate City Cyclone Criterium 08-09?

Witches cup 8-13

Frontier Crit 8-16
Blount Crit 8-17

Saco Bay Criterium 8-23

Blunt Park Cyclocross Race 8-24.............Blunt park?....made me giggle.

Team Sam

Sunday, July 20, 2008

So fast! Lynn's Nationals race report.

Nationals. Lynn arrived at the event with a plan; warm up really well, race really hard, come home, and celebrate with Lyons and Judge! Well everything went according to plan. We arrived in VT. with plenty on time to spare, meeting up with all around good guy, Mike I. We found a shady spot to set up the trainer so Lynn could warm up properly.

On the starting line Lynn kept calm, taking the opportunity to meet some really cool people from all around the country. From the word go, Lynn got the hole-shot! A few minutes later,(it felt like hours) Lynn was first out of the single track and into the decent. It was very cool to hear by-standers remark about how fast she railed the corner at the bottom of the decent! Yeah, that's my Wife! WooHoo! Then Mike I and paced back and forth, for what seemed like hours, until we saw the woman's field again. Lynn was chased down by a rider from Fla. on the long and arduous climb, once back into the technical sections (Lynn's strength)she tried to "make" time, only to "stack it" on an off camber root section, getting passed in the process. Once back on the bike second spot was traded back and fourth a few times with a rider from AZ. On a side note: look at he results, the 40+ field crushed the 30-39 field!

Huge Congrats to local fast guy, Mike I. taking the silver medal in men's sport down hill. Yeah, he's that fast!

Lynn is looking forward to 'cross!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lynn is the woman's 40plus National bronze medalist!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

mt snow

Lynn earned a spot at the Norba MTB Nationals! WooHoo!! She will be competing on Friday afternoon. Watch this page!

Team Sam

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Attleboro crit

Lynn raced with the men's cat 5 race, with a solid finish. I planned on racing the 35plus and the cat 4 events. With a few laps to go in the 35plus, a cyclonauts rider (Doug maybe?) got crossed up on the decent and high sided....hard! I had no-where to go but over the bars at 30 plus mph. See the above "G" rated pics, ribs are sore, bike seems ok. Ct. tomorrow? I'll decide in the am!

Saturday @ 11:34 pm- Everything hurts, can't lift my left arm over my chest, no racing Sunday.

Team Sam.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nutmeg Classic Criterium,Whaling City Cyclone

Saturday Lynn raced the Nutmeg Classic Criterium. Finally! She got to race in a straight cat 4 race. Lynn finished strong, the cat 4 group actually caught the 3s! I was unable to race due to unforeseen circumstances, was able to get a 50plus tri-state ride in.

Sunday, I was able to sneak in one race, the Whaling City Cyclone. I raced the 35plus masters event. I had no warm up, arriving 15 minutes before the start. The first two laps of the very technical course were a flat out sprint. Once things began to settle, my legs cleared, I really began to enjoy myself. I felt like Valentino Rossi(he is a very fast Italian motorcycle racer), powering through the curves single file. I really had a great time, it's been a while since I've said that about a bike race. Anyway, as Valentino would say "Amo andare molto digiunare!"

Ninigret on Wednesday, Cox Classic Saturday, Keith Berger Sunday, speedway under the lights Monday!