Thursday, August 28, 2008

vote for the dogs

In 68 days Massachusetts residents can vote to end Greyhound racing in their state forever. Please vote "YES ON 3" if you are a Mass. resident, if not please spread to word.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dawn patrol

Sunday was the first local cyclocross of the year, Wild Bill and I were ready (Lynn had to work). The Old Volvo was loaded up for an O'darkthirty dawn patrol. Once on the road, the excitement of a new season was apparent, we chattered on about our new rides, training and beer. Wild Bill's enthusiasm is just what I need to before races, it's infectious!

We arrived early, with plenty of time to pre-ride the course, register and socialize. Bill's cyclocross tip: always arrive two hours minimum be for your start time. Getting settled and focused before my race is a luxury,that I never seem to afford myself.

My race started very fast and stayed that way. I fell out out the top ten, with three laps to go. I was rushing, my dismounts were ugly and sloppy. I decided to slow down on these sections, it seemed to work, I was able to get a few places back finishing 11th. I have a ton of technical work to do.

Wild Bill finished with a very strong 8Th in the 45plus, racing against some real talent.

After our races, we had a beer, then a large eggplant, spinach and feta pizza!

Note: The english spitfire painting is not relevent, but it's my blog and I like it.

Cross season is here!

Friday, August 22, 2008

a state of flux

.....First things first...This is NOT my new cross bike.....I do get to use it this season. Blunt park with Wild Bill on Sunday.

Lyons and Judge(Jay) are enjoying the summer, in air conditioned comfort!

Some house keeping:

The official team sam cell phone has met it's us @ the home phone, work phone or e-mail.

Providence Bicycle has a shop ride every Thursday, leaving the lot @ 6:05pm. This is a slow to moderate pace ride for about an hour, everyone is welcome. We have a yahoo group, check it out for ride updates.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

8-9 race and ride report

Lynn went up to Highland mtb park with Mike I, Mike F and a few other guys from the shop. Mike I, perennial good guy, (and national downhill silver medalist) set up his Sinister dirt jump mtb for Lynn to ride. Setting up the fit, suspension and switching the brake levers 'cuse Lynn rides moto style, weird I know. Needless to say, but from all accounts, she rocked it, on a hard-tail no less.

I raced the Gate City crit. in both the cat4/5 and masters. I did not have a great day, In the first few laps of the 4/5 race I witnessed a rider drill the ground with his face at speed. It shot my nerves. The only place I fell confident to pass was on the left side of the climb. This is the location I would consistently make up spots, only to loose my nerve going into the corners. I know, "Mike, sit on the front where it's safe"...I just didn't.... Not happy. The 35+ race was much smoother, the race went with out incident, I was following John L., he is a great wheel to follow. Then I realized that I was at the back of the bus, any attempt to swim upstream was was met with resistance from my legs. My race was over, I finished at the end of the pack.

Looking forward to the Witches cup Wendsday!