Sunday, March 30, 2008

Need more power!

My scheduled Friday ride was derailed due to a severe headache, which plagued me all day long. Luckily it subsided by beer o'clock.

Saturday I decided to complete Friday's ride, mostly zone 3, which went well.

Lynn went for a long solo ride in Big River, only to have here non-drive side crank fall off (Guess the brand). She then decided to complete her day with a 2.5 hr fixed gear ride. The result? A tired, happy and hungry wife!

Sunday I went to Wells ave. The race was not very fast but the winds were quite strong. With every effort in the wind, it slowly became more apparent, that I lack horsepower. Real power, the "in the wind" crank bending power. I'll be working on it.

Lyons and Judge seem to be getting spring fever. Lets just say the Irish brothers share the same middle name, mischief.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Wednesday's ride accomplished, and quite enjoyable also!

Lynn rode the trainer at work, cool job huh?

Charge pond Saturday, wells on Sunday? Too much?

Lyons and Judge trashed the house today, eating 2 empty peanut butter jars, a snowman candle and my patch kit.

Tomorrow's ride is Thursday's ride, so I've got some work to do!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday update

Tuesday's am ride was canceled, mostly due to a warm bed and a cute wife.
Lynn rode the trainer again for an hour, and made a great pasta dinner!

Wednesday am, completed Tuesday's ride. Total time 161mi with 5, 4min 175bpm pulls with 15 min rests in zone 2. I ran into Murat on the cranston bike path on my way out, then it began rain. Wet,cold, hungry,I'm back on a bike, to ride to work.
Lynn is out in Lincoln woods, getting wet, muddy and sweaty. Mission accomplished.

Monday, March 24, 2008

New kits

New kits! Murat really did an outstanding job!

My am ride was cold, it was difficult to keep my heartrate up. Ride time :64 min, average hrm: 132, 600 kcal, felt great, no knee pain.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Time to get down to business!

Monday 6:30 am-1 hour, zone 2 LOW cadence, 70-75 RPM

Tuesday 6:30 am- 2.5 hours. 6 efforts at 4:00 each. 175 HR. rest 2 minutes between. as many as possible, split it into 2 sets. Rest 15 minutes between sets. Rest is low zone 2, high candence.

Wendesday 7:30 am 45-90 minutes easy ride, boulevard spin, coffee, bike path, easy.

Thursday 6:30 am 2 hours. Zone 2-3. Try and stay in zone 3 for as much of the ride as possible EAT a lot.

Friday off-Fixed gear ride to and from work

Saturday 2 hours. zone 2. 5 seated jumps :30 each. Focus on leg speed. Reach maximum cadence each time.

Sunday Wells ave "a" race

Saturday, March 22, 2008

spanish fly

Lynn's new woods bike for the '08 season. '06 Orbea Scanduim frame, XT 9speed group, avid juciy 5 brakes, set up moto style, because that's how she rolls.

Greyhound faq

Do Greyhounds need much of room? Greyhounds love to lounge and sleep. During their racing career they spend all day in a space that is equivalent to a chicken coop. They are only let out twice a day, for 20 minutes at time, in a crowded 20x20 sandy lot. Our 900sq ft condo is more than enough room for two large greyhounds.

Are Greyhounds hyperactive? No, greyhounds are lazy. They love to sleep and lounge around. It's normal for a retired racer too sleep 18 hours a day.

Do Greyhounds need much exercise? No, they only need to be walked a few times a day. They do enjoy a trip or two a week, to the dog park, so they can run and play.

Are Greyhounds a good walking or running partners? Yes, running at 6-10 mph is just a slight trot for them. Remember Greyhounds can run 40mph. They are trained to walk on a leash. They do not pull or lead. It is easy for a 40lb child to walk a 80lb greyhound.

Are Greyhounds good pets? Yes, they are house trained (mostly)when adopted. They do not bark, once a Greyhound is comfortable in his new digs, he may conjure up a happy howl when you come home from work. Greyhounds are not destructive animals, chewing is not a common issue. Some dogs do chew out of anxiety due to the fact that they were kept in wooden crates for long hours at a time. These dogs would chew on the crates, out of boredom, or as an effort to alleviate some anxiety. Once in a home environment, this should no longer be an issue. Greyhounds also shed minimally.

Do Greyhounds get along with cats and other animals? This is difficult to answer, Lynn has had two Greyhounds, Gabby and Doozey prior to Judge and Lyons. They both lived with cats, Gabby slept with and cleaned kittens. Gabby and Doozey, lived on a farm with horses, goats, and chickens with no issues. However Judge is only OK with other Greyhounds, Lyons is OK with large dogs. I would not trust either dog around cats or rabbits. This may just be a behavioral or training issue. Lyons and Judge are Irish Greyhounds, they were unfortunately trained with live animals. In the United States it is illegal to train Greyhounds with live animals. Most adoption centers will test their dogs with cats, and advise prospective parents of their disposition. Keep in mind, when they race, they are chasing a stuffed rabbit. They are not racing for first place, they are racing for a meal.

Are Greyhound adoption centers kill shelters? No, once a greyhound makes it to the shelter, their life has been spared. The problem is once the shelters are full, breeders/trainers will simply kill the dogs they no longer have a use for. In some cases they may even sell them to medical testing facilities.

I'm not ready to adopt a Geyhound, what can I do to help? It's simple, don't bet on the dogs. Don't go to Twin Rivers or any another dog track. By just playing the slots, seeing a show or eating a meal at the track, supports dog racing.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lyons is ok !

Just a quick update for Lyons McPatrick fans, he had seven teeth removed yesterday. We were prepared for many more teeth to be removed, so this was great news. He also had a pedicure, so he's looking daper! Lyons is resting comfortably and is enjoying the attention.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

GRRRRR!!! x 2

Monday morning, I went out with Bill for a easy recovery ride; 1:53 min., average hr 121, 880 kcal, 25 miles. Tonight laps around the Blvd. 1/2 zone with Lynn and Mike I. Tomorrow off, Thurs, 3hrs in zone 2, weather permitting. Friday off. Saturday team ride, we get our new kits, I'll try to keep it slow. Sunday? Wells, or maybe just another zone 2 ride with Bill.

I spent more quality time with my Volvo today,I washed it. I also removed the third row seat and seat belts. It's an effort to reduce the rear biased weight. Admittedly a feeble attempt to keep the axle off the bump stops when the wagon is loaded with 160+lbs. of Greyhounds.

I "need" race wheels, my ultegra wheelset is strong and smooth, but a real set of race wheels it what I "need". So given my meager budget, it's between DT Swiss rr1450and Mavic Ksyrium SL. Then Wild Bill thew me a curve, he suggested Mavic Ksyrium sl Tubulars. I never considered considered anything but clinchers, Bill said in his mild Boston acent "TOOB-ULAHS ah wicked fast!" Sorry Bill, I had too, beers are on me. Any thoughts?

Lyons is getting his teeth removed tomorrow, so wish him strength and luck!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

wells ave #1 completed

Saturday's workout was a wash, the weather was crappy, so I set up the trainer. After fifteen minuets of fidgeting, I quit. I cleaned the "bike room" instead, then Lynn and I ate some wood grilled pizza and drank beer! Sunday I went to wells with Scott (thanks for the lift!). We met Brendan and raced the "A" race. I was going to do the "B", then I thought "what would Adam do?" The race was hard, I'm not entirely sure what transpired. I do know that I tried to stay at the front, I tried to help Scott and Brendan as best as I could. I also know that I finished on Brendan's wheel. In my humble opinion, the race was a success. I'm looking forward to 90 minutes of 1/2 zone riding with Bill D. tomorrow. I really want to race next Sunday!

Lynn is showing great discipline, riding the trainer daily, I think she's due for real miles soon!

Lyons is having most of his teeth removed this week. This unfortunately is common for greyhounds, because they were fed crappy raw 4d meat( dead, diseased, disabled and dying cows)at the track.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


This is not my rest week, Adam has spent allot of time to put together a comprehensive training program, I can't even keep track of the weeks! So Thursday Wild Bill and I rode out of Exeter, we went out 165,into ct on 49, 14a, 14 102 finally onto rt 3. It took us close to three hrs, average heart rate was 135, kcal was 1500ish. The weather, roads and company was perfect. Bill and I headed to Little country Pizza and destroyed a large veggie pizza, they sell beer there, I didnt mention it, Bill did'nt mention it. we drank water. Friday I was reminded that I'm an idiot, so I went out and road for 3 hrs with one 60min block in zone three. Today I'll ride the trainer and do two 30 min zone 3 blocks. Wells Sunday if the weather is cooperative. Sorry Adam!

New bike for Lynn, she just bought Mike Fer's Orbea Team Mountain Bike frame. I generously donated my year old jamis to her '08 mtb effort. So the jamis will be torn down and all of parts used to build up her race bike. It should be a nice ride, we will post pics when the build is completed.

Lyons and Judge will be celebrating tonight, cake, treats, and beer! St. patties day is when we celebrate their Birthdays! Why? Because they are Irish! Pics to follow!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

quality not quantity

Quality not quantity. I love beer. I always choose to have a couple really good quality beers, over many crappy beers. The same is true for for my training plan for this season. In the past I had no training plan and no self control. I'd go a week off the bike, then feel guilty and go out in all kinds of weather to pile on the miles. The end result was often illness, sore knees and lack of fitness. This year is different.

I tried to ride my cross bike in big river yesterday with Wild Bill, but I lost a chain ring bolt and folded my chain ring. So instead I rolled around town on my track bike at a very easy pace, no hrm and no team kit. I just went for a bike ride. Today is a rest day! Tomorrow it's 3 hrs with Wild Bill in zone 2. Thinking about Wells ave. on Sunday?

Lynn got out on the road last night, she put a few miles on with Mike Iafrate. She came home in a great mood, obviously the fresh air was a welcomed change from the doldrums of trainer miles.

Lyons and Judge had a great day with two trips to the Richmond dog park and a quick foray into my aunt's pristine fenced in yard.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bethel #2

Saturday was a wash out, I spent a sweaty, boring hour and ten minutes on my trainer, in zone 2 with 5 30 second blocks of 100% effort. My training plan called for 90 minutes, but 70 minutes was all I could take. Sunday morning Scott, Bill and I headed for Bethel. I had a specific plan. I wanted to attack three times, one of those time I had to initiate the move. There was no tactical reason to attack, I just wanted to see if I could recover enough to finish the race in the main field. So early in the race, I chased a break which was quickly caught, then just wanting to get my homework over with, I went again, by myself. I must admit it was fun for one lap. Then another rider caught me, we stayed out for another lap, only to get caught again. I tried to hang with these two riders for another lap but I quickly getting toasted. I sat up, caught back on the back of the pack for a few laps trying to recover, I concentrated on slowing down my breathing and my heart rate. Then I noticed the field beginning to string out and split. I spent a few laps (felt like 100) in the wind by myself tyring to catch the lead group. I finally fell back to the main field and finished somewhere. Scott put in a strong effort in the 3/4 race, sitting in great position, then wisely sitting up during a very wild final sprint. Bill put in a great ride, especially since coming off a very long road and cross season. Today I put in two hours with Bill, average heat rate was 138. Tomorrow maybe mountain biking in Big river.

Lynn has been putting time in the on the trainer, dreaming of dominating ladies mountain bike racing this summer.

Lyons and Judge are well rested and are looking forward to a hard day in the Richmond dog park tomorrow.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Is Wild Bill really a Minuteman?

Friday, I rode for 90 minutes at a high cadence,low heart rate, concentrating on proper technique. Today will be 90 minutes in zone 2 with 5 jumps at 100% effort for 30 seconds each. Sunday Scott and my good friend "Wild Bill" Doonan are heading for Bethel. Scott Sullivan is looking to improve on his top ten finish last week in the hotly contested and very fast cat. 3/4 race. Bill is a B masters cyclocross killer, he has huge huevos when it comes to race strategy and a ton of horse power to back it up.We will take a crack at the 40 plus master race, I hope to improve on my 19Th place finish last week.

Worked on the old Volvo for a bit, she's got a belly full of 20w-50, fresh filter and repaired a vacuum leak. I had noticed that the base idle and timing were way out of spec. Prior to my ownership someone had tried to compensate for the un-metered air, I readjusted the idle, minimum air and base timing, the old Volvo is running sweet.

Lynn put in more time on the trainer, unfortunately the weather sucks today, so mountain biking is out. She may break out the rollers and show me up with her imense grace and balance.

Lyons saved Judge from the evil yet cute stuffed dragon, Lyons is exhausted from the ordeal. Judge is fine, showing no signs of post traumatic stress syndrome.


Friday, March 7, 2008

day off

Thursday was a day off the bike. The weather was perfect, so it was tough. I took the opportunity to work on the Volvo a little more. I also spent some quality time in the tattoo shop. It's still far from being done, but it's getting there.

Lynn put some more time on the trainer, but she's dying to get outside. She's working so much that there is no time. Saturday she plans to go to Big river, for some fun and fresh air!

Lyons and Judge spent the day with me, only sleeping for 2.5 hrs in the afternoon. So today is a rest day for them.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday's report

Wednesday's ride went much like Tuesday's. I put one hour in zone two, then I tried for one frustrating hour to keep it in zone three, often dropping my cadence. For the last hour I shut down my hrm and enjoyed the sunshine. I'm tired, it's hard to admit that. I'll take today off the bike to rest per Adam's advice. Maybe I'll put some quality time in at the tattoo shop.

Lynn was off the bike yesterday. Today she's on the trainer for one hour in zone two with a few trips into zone three. Then she's off to work for a double shift.

Lyons and Judge seem like they have a score to settle, so it's off to the dog park for a few 40mph laps to determine who is king of the bed!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

tuesday's training report

I rode for three hours on Tuesday with a plan. I wanted to warm up for a half hour in zone 2, then complete a half hour zone 3 block, rest a half hour in zone 2 then back to zone 3 for another half, then finish up in zone 2. Well, I could only hold zone three for 12 min, so I rested for another half and tried again, I spent 15min struggling to keep my heart rate in zone 3, so I relented to holding zone 3 for 10min at a time with a short break in between. I just felt lazy and lethargic. I could ride all day in low zone 2, but zone 3 sucked. I'll try again today.

Lynn put 1 hour in on the trainer after work last night, working on high cadence, smooth efficient pedal strokes, while adding to her base fitness.

Lyons and Judge ran their hearts out at the very large Richmond dog park. It was the first day, in a long time that they were able to run with their coats off. It's a truly wonderful sight to see these guys running their asses off just because it's fun!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This is the first update from team sam. Lynn got a new road race bike for the 2008 season, it's a Lemond chambry in a one off team color. Lynn took Sunday off the bike(she had to work) and put two hours of zone 2 in on Monday.

I raced in the Bethel masters race on Sunday finishing 19Th. This race was a confidence booster for me, as I'm always nervous at the beginning of the season,concerned that I've lost fitness. I now know I'm in the ball park, and I still have work to do. Monday I completed a 90 minute ride in 1/2 zone to recover. Today will be 3 hrs with 2x30 tempo blocks. Here is the link to bethel.

Lyons and Judge slept for 18hrs on Sunday and again on Monday. The plan it pretty much the same for today, maybe a trip to the dog park?