Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the gauntlet

As many know, the notorious ASG owns a Harley, a 1200 cc nightster, to be exact. This bike weighs in at 560 lbs and puts down about 70 rear wheel hp. (according to the Internet, because Harley refuses to post any horsepower figures)the power to weight ratio is 1:8.

I am the proud owner of 1979 Vespa p200e, which will make a projected 26hp(9hp stock) at the rear wheel and weighs in at 200 lbs.The power to weight ratio is 1:77. Advantage (potentially) Vespa.

In theory, IF I can get this Vespa to produce 26rwhp, I should be able to beat the very fast ASG in a 1/8 drag race. Why not a 1/4 mile race? the Vespa would loose every time, it is gear limited to 80 mph. The real question is, can I triple the power output of a pedestrian 200cc two stroke engine without spending Harley sized cash? ASG are you listening? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Look what I found on Facebook.......

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Now what?

This blog has not been updated in a long time, why? Lynn and I started new jobs, so we placed bicycle racing was on a temporary hiatus, plus it rained allot early in the season. Lynn is now working at the world renowned NBX world headquarters in scenic Narragansett RI. I'm back in the car biz, no more treadmills for me. So what have we been up to? Lyons and Judge were intent on sleeping the entire summer away in air conditioned comfort and have succeeded, Lynn has been working her tail off and looking forward to cyclocross season, dreaming of cow bells, cheering crowds and beer gardens. In the meantime, I've made some trades.

I've parked this Spanish hot rod in favor of....

...this two stroke, two hundred cc, two wheeled Italian terror!

I've also traded these for.....

....running shoes, I am registered for the CVS downtown 5k and an 8k steeplechase in Beautiful Colt State Park.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

winstead woods

Wells ave. was rained out, so I treated Lynn and myself to a great breakfast at the Liberty Elm dinner, Robbie Jay cooked up a killer sweet potato, feta, spinach hash. Then Lyons, Jay, Lynn and myself loaded up the Volvo and headed out to north western CT. for the Winstead woods Root66 series race. The race is a very technical event (Lynn's strong suit) with tons of climbing and descending. Lynn fought hard and earned her 1st podium spot as a cat2, placing third in her class and 5Th over all!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

our favorite clinton comes to visit

No not this Clinton

or this one

try again

this Clinton!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Winding trails

Saturday, Lynn cleaned up big river, I worked, then we went to the beach.

Sunday,Lynn placed 6Th in the ladies 35+ cat 2 race!

We had fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rick Newhouse and a lazy Sunday

This is a close up of the tree in front of our home. We planted it last year as part of a community planting effort. I like trees.

"Proof" I can do two things at once.

Saturday Wild Bill, Lynn, Lyons, Judge and myself loaded up and headed off to the Rick Newhouse crit. Lynn was off first, racing with the boys in the 55 plus masters race. She rode strong and solid as usual. It was great watching the big guys getting frustrated try to draft off Lynn's small frame. Wild Bill was next, putting in a strong show in the 45+. I was next, the 35+, I rode as hard as I could, still suffering the effects of a chest cold. With 10 to go I could not catch my breath, I pulled out, wheezing, retching and hacking. Pleasant. We had a great day, enjoying the weather, the company of friends and great racing. Congrats go out to our teammate Matt who placed second in the 35+ and won the 123!

Sunday, Lynn had to work and I decided not to go to Wells ave. I went to the gym early, then spent some time with my family and finally, I was able to go out for a long slow ride. It was quite an excellent weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

mushroom boy, clinton and old volvos

It's been a while since we last updated our blog, we have been CRAZY busy. Lynn and I have been working our tails off, picking up overtime, trying to build up the war chest for the coming race season. We have been also caring for a wonderful boy(greyhound) by the name of Clinton. He is completely blind, no light, shapes, shadows, NADA! He is a most trusting and sweet animal, a true testament to the Greyhound breed. He will be going home soon, maybe.

Lynn and I had a few days off due to the Passover holiday, I spent most of the time under my ancient and ailing Volvo wagon. I replaced the leaking exhaust manifold gaskets, timing belt, tensioner and front oil seals. I also updated all of the other maintenance items, oil change, spark plugs,wires, cap/ rotor, air filter, fuel filter, swiss cheesed the air box, cleaned chassis grounds, and so on. I also installed a killer set of rally lights on the front bumper, I couldn't resist. It's not done, but I made a huge dent in the to do list and is runs piss'ah now!

Thursday night I came down with a slight fever and cold symptoms, but is was Wild Bill's Birthday so I soldiered on. Bill and Lisa came over as did Joe and Jody. Lynn whipped the house together and put on a little spread, we had a blast. By the way, Wild Bill now has an alias, Mushroom Boy. Don't ask, just enjoy.

Saturday, Chris Hinds, yeah right! Pouring rain and a rotten cold, at this point Lynn was infected also. She had planned to do a MTB race. We spent the day in bed, watching the Deadliest Catch marathon and the Red Sox.

We'll be at Rick NewHouse!

Monday, March 30, 2009

My wife is faster than yours and Julia child was a spy

It's been a while since our last post. As you can guess, we've been very busy with work, racing and having fun. Saturday was no exception, it was a marathon of fun. check it out!

6:00 wake up
6:30 leave for plainville crit
7:00 Pick up Wild Bill
7:30 the Volvo decides it no longer needs it's power steering belt
9:00 arrive at plainville
10:00 Lynn, WB and I race the 3/4. Average speed, 27mph. Lynn finished in the top 1/2. We were all very psyched for her, we knew she was fast, but this race proved it!
11:00 change up and head back to RI.
11:15 jack up tire pressure so the Volvo is easier to steer
12:30 drop off WB, and visit with Lisa for a few.
1:30 arrive home and walk Lyons and Jay
2:00 Light Lunch and a beer
2:15 classified
2:45 nap time (yes we're old)
5:00 wake up, shower again, take care of the boys
7:00 Joe and Jodi pick us up, we show off our new paint and wood floors
7:30 dinner at the oak hill tavern in NK RI
9:30 arrive at the ocean mist
9:45 meet the lead singer and guitar players (Jodi's old friends)
10:00 bands take the stage
12:00 Neutral Nation takes the stage
12:30 Joe and i head to the pit (I'll save this story for another time)
2:30 I walk Jay, Lyons would not wake up.
2:40 off to bed!

Monday, March 9, 2009

plainville 3-7-09(2)

Lynn, Wild Bill and I headed off the Plainville spring series crit. We loaded up the ailing Volvo and picked up WB @ 7:00 am, we covered 114 miles in 1.5 hrs,(76 mph average with 3 bikes on the roof,Yes the old wagon can still get it done). We arrived with plenty of time to register and warm up. The skies were clear, with a slight breeze, it felt as if it were 70 degrees out. We all raced in shorts, it felt great! WB was first racing in the 3/4 race, which looked blistering fast. The 3/4 field was about 60 riders deep! Bill put in a solid ride, finishing in the top 1/3.

Lynn and I raced next, I can tell you, racing elbow to elbow with your spouse is a blast! Our field was about half the size of the 3/4 race, there was plenty of room to move around, the race was very smooth and safe. I sat in the top spots for most of the race, taking second in the first prime, but in typical fashion, I blew the finish, ending up in eighth position. Lynn rode very well, in her typical rock solid form, finishing in the top 1/2 of the field.

Today I went out for a long mostly slow solo ride, trying to figure out what went wrong, to no avail. Next week I'll try again, same time same place. Wells ave. on Sunday! Watch this space for updates.

BTW... My '06 Honda CRF150 and Lynn's 04 Kawasaki klx125 are going up on Craig's List and the local trial bike forums soon. If there is any interest please contact us. We will consider trades ,a trip to Moab, a small dirt jumper, an old volvo ,a sweet mtb wheel set or a small DH race bike perhaps?

Monday, March 2, 2009

39 days are up,

It's been a while since our last post. Sunday Wild Bill and I were planning on kicking the 09' season off with racing at Bethel, the race was cancelled. No the Volvo has not been repaired yet. It's been too cold and I don't have the spare cash to fix it up. My tax return should cover it. Lynn and I have been riding regularly, loosing a few pounds and limiting our beer, chocolate and frozen yogurt intake. This winter has been tough, frozen water bottles, numb hands and feet. But we've had great company, thanks Bart, Joe S, Joe B, Wild Bill, Fr8te you helped the winter miles roll by with ease.

Sunday, instead of careening around an industrial park in Connecticut, Wild Bill and I decided to treat ourselves to a Big River woods ride. It was a gamble, we had nothing to loose, W.B. had his hard tail mtb (equipped with studs) and I was on my 'cross bike. We both were skeptical, yet we never said a word. Big River was picture perfect, I was too chicken to take my camera, because the odds of me falling off my bike were up around 100%. The trail conditions were perfect, the light snow fall made the trails smooth and tacky. W.B. and I were grinning from ear to ear as we looped around the undulating and flowing trails. After four hours, we dined on olive bread, coffee then a beer or two.

Riding a bike if FUN!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

39 days Left

The Bethel spring training series kicks off Sunday March 1st! Which means, I've got to loose 8lbs, change the cables and housings on my bike, train, replace the center support bearing on the Volvo, drink some beer, fix the exhaust leak on the Volvo, buy a race license, change the oil on the Volvo, train, pay my club dues, all within the next 39 days!

Team Sam

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Missing tools

Friday was a sad day for me, I realized that the bottom my tool bag was coming apart. I was at my last job of the day, I reached into my bag and discovered my Snap On flat blade screw driver was missing. I quickly emptied my bag and took inventory, among the missing: one large SK flat blade screwdriver turned pry bar, channel lock side cutters and a craftsman awl. I must have been dropping tools all over South Eastern New England, GRRRR. I know no big deal, so I'm out a few bucks, most of those tools were very worn anyway. I can't expect everyone to understand, but, if you have spent your entire life fixing, making or even breaking things, you know what it's like to loose a tool. Every tool has a story ,each mark, scratch and scar, are witness to years of work and play, for example my now errant SK screwdriver. I was working at a Goodyear shop in Newton Mass in my early twenties. I was servicing a Nissan Pathfinder with a stuck oil filter, so I foolishly speared the oil filter with my screwdriver in an attempt to crack it loose. Instead I touched the end of the tool against the B+ starter terminal grounding it, I nearly burnt that SUV to the ground. The tip of that tool still shows the burn mark from that stupid mistake twenty years later!

BTW: The Snap On adjustable in the pic. is made in Sweden!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Do work"

Well it's time..time to train, time to loose weight, time to plan for the '09 season, time to walk the dog, time to dream about hot summer nights careening around Ninigret park.

Last season I started with a plan, a real plan, Sir ASG set up a killer training plan for me. I planed to peak at the GRM stage race, I never made it. Why? I lost my Job in early '08, a Job that I had spent nearly half my life at (17 years). With the loss of my Job, I was able to train during the day, Great right? Wrong, I rode my bike, sure, but I was stressed and depressed. I had NO excuses, I had the support of my wonderful wife, time to train, a awesome new team. So what happened? I sabotaged my self, I backed off in sprints, I got scared, I beat my self. The more I sucked out, the more I felt guilty, letting myself, my team and Adam down.

So what will be different in '09? Mental health is priority one, I will race as long as I have a positive attitude towards competing. I still have the 08' training plan. But, I will use it as a guide, If I feel good I'll ride longer, If I feel like crap, I'll bag the ride all together. My focus will be racing crits, (NO ROAD RACES!) Some Root 66 races, 1 or 2 endurance MTB races and a bunch of 'cross races. If it's flat and fast I'll be there in '09 !

What about your better half? What's up with Lynn? All I can say is that she has been training and is looking forward to a long and fun '09 season. Anybody have a small Santa Cruz v10 for sale?