Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Now what?

This blog has not been updated in a long time, why? Lynn and I started new jobs, so we placed bicycle racing was on a temporary hiatus, plus it rained allot early in the season. Lynn is now working at the world renowned NBX world headquarters in scenic Narragansett RI. I'm back in the car biz, no more treadmills for me. So what have we been up to? Lyons and Judge were intent on sleeping the entire summer away in air conditioned comfort and have succeeded, Lynn has been working her tail off and looking forward to cyclocross season, dreaming of cow bells, cheering crowds and beer gardens. In the meantime, I've made some trades.

I've parked this Spanish hot rod in favor of....

...this two stroke, two hundred cc, two wheeled Italian terror!

I've also traded these for.....

....running shoes, I am registered for the CVS downtown 5k and an 8k steeplechase in Beautiful Colt State Park.

Stay tuned!


Wild Bill said...

Holy Crap Team Sam is alive....Good luck in the road races.

Get on your damn bike you can still target some Cross races its not too late.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear about you guys are cross riding and road running!!! good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with bill.
the illusion of a balanced life.
impress those who may be impressed.
beuno suerte!