Sunday, July 20, 2008

So fast! Lynn's Nationals race report.

Nationals. Lynn arrived at the event with a plan; warm up really well, race really hard, come home, and celebrate with Lyons and Judge! Well everything went according to plan. We arrived in VT. with plenty on time to spare, meeting up with all around good guy, Mike I. We found a shady spot to set up the trainer so Lynn could warm up properly.

On the starting line Lynn kept calm, taking the opportunity to meet some really cool people from all around the country. From the word go, Lynn got the hole-shot! A few minutes later,(it felt like hours) Lynn was first out of the single track and into the decent. It was very cool to hear by-standers remark about how fast she railed the corner at the bottom of the decent! Yeah, that's my Wife! WooHoo! Then Mike I and paced back and forth, for what seemed like hours, until we saw the woman's field again. Lynn was chased down by a rider from Fla. on the long and arduous climb, once back into the technical sections (Lynn's strength)she tried to "make" time, only to "stack it" on an off camber root section, getting passed in the process. Once back on the bike second spot was traded back and fourth a few times with a rider from AZ. On a side note: look at he results, the 40+ field crushed the 30-39 field!

Huge Congrats to local fast guy, Mike I. taking the silver medal in men's sport down hill. Yeah, he's that fast!

Lynn is looking forward to 'cross!


Aa said...

Cross is calling... you have a win to defend on the Cape.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Lynn is the new team captain.
er.. the first team captain.
Way to put Millwork One on the map!

team sam said...

Lynn was worried that she would not be invited back next year!

Murat Altinbasak said...

Well that's just ridiculous.
We're trying to find her a team mate!