Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Berlin Express Arrives in Paris"

Artist-Len Krenzler

This image depicts an actual event: "In the spring of 1944, Bill Overstreet of the famous 357th FG was hot on the tail of a German ME109G. The pilot of the 109 flew right over Paris where German anti-aircraft artillery was heavy, probably in hopes they would solve his problem by eliminating Bill and his P51C named the “Berlin Express”."

Here is the encounter described in Bill's own words:

"I had followed this 109 from the bombers when most of the German fighters left. We had a running dogfight and I got some hits about 1500 feet, He then led me over Paris where Many guns were aimed at me. As soon as he was disabled, I ducked down just over the river (smaller target for the Germans ). Followed the river until I was away from Paris." - Bill

When asked what was around the tower at the time, Bill said, “I'm not sure, I was a little busy.”

I find the pilot's heroism and humility incredible, but in all honesty, can you imagine?

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