Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First things, first.....

If you are a Massachusetts registered voter, PLEASE vote yes on question 3. If you know a Mass. resident, please spread the word. Vote to approve the Greyhound protection act, ending dog racing in Massachusetts forever. Even if you are not a "dog person" or an "animal lover", dog racing is a cruel and abusive sport, which has no place in a civilized society.

Just a couple quick bicycle related updates; Lynn and I survived Highland MTB park with out any serious injuries. First a big thanks to Mike F. for letting Lynn and I ride his high zoot big $$$ bikes down a steep rocky mountain. Down hill, freeride, dirt jumping and "pump tracks" are all new to me. I felt like a have never ridden a bicycle before, I always thought that I had a decent set of bike handling skills, not any longer! Watching Mike F. "style" every jump, clearing all the gaps in the "Sherwood Forest" was worth the trip. Adam S. also joined us, there is NOTHING this man cannot do on a bicycle, everything from Pro crit. races to dirt jumping, wow! Mike I.? He won the silver medal at nationals for downhill, nuff said.
We had a great time, I highly recommend Highland!

The Dirt Demo (interbike east) was a blast, Almost the entire P. bike crew was in attendance. We rode everything from high end commuter bikes, cheap city bikes (pictured) to the latest super squishy mountain bikes. Which did I like the most? I honestly don't know. High tech "gizmo" mtbs leave me cold, I like simple light weight hard tail mountain bikes. On the otherhand there was something I liked about every bicycle. Lynn loved the BMC carbon full suspension cross country race bike. We attended the industry after party, then headed into town for dinner and beers. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend the day.

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Brendan said...

So when are we going for beers? hmmm...Monday? I'm about to get my cross bike PROPERLY singlespeeded also!