Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend ride report....

Bike riding was fun again this weekend! Lynn,m-effer and Fr8 went to Vietnam on Saturday and had a blast for two plus hrs in the freezing cold! Lynn was able to demo a Felt compulsion squishy bike, the verdict you ask? "It's nice, it took me a while to get used to it, I still prefer a hard tail." While Lynn was Huck'n Gnarr with the big boys, I was rolling on my road bike with Wild Bill and the infamous Joe S. We headed out in into ct. on 49. This is one of our favorite scenic rides. Yes, it was cold and windy, yes we went slow, Of course, we ate pizza and drank beer after. Sunday am, Lynn had to work, so Noah J. of and i headed to The Nemba fun ride in Lincoln Woods. We met up with Wild Bill, Bad brad, Fr8, Chris F and had a blast carving up the frozen woods. We did two loops in the bright sunshine, the weather was perfect. I love bike racing but, a fun day in the woods with your friends goofing around on bikes is so fun! Bonus, after the ride we were greeted with hot chili, Stacy even made veggie chili for us animal huggers! Much thanks to the distinguished Mr. Mt Dee, great job!

Tuesday 12/16/2008 is our wedding anniversary,Lynn was able to hang on for another year, Woohoo!

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JoeB said...

Congrats!!! and Many more!