Monday, December 29, 2008

weekend ride report!

Saturday Lynn, Wild Bill, Frate and myself headed out to Big River for a 'cross bike ride in the rain. I think everyone except Lynn was thinking twice about starting a ride in the rain. Frate was riding a demo Santa Cruz stigmata, a super bad ass 18lb 'cross bike. The rain stopped once we warmed up and the conditions were perfect, sluhsy snow, frozen leaves and mud! We rode for almost three hrs. followed up with beer and pizza, a blast was had by all accounts!

Sunday, Frate, Mtb. Dee and myself met up at Lincoln woods for a T shirt and shorts ride (60 degrees!). I rode my 'cross bike, which was a bit of a mistake, the slippery conditions, technical nature of the trails and my lack of ability all conspired against me. I had a great time watching Fr8 and Dee drop off ledges and jump stuff, these guys can ride! Fr8 put the frosting on the cake, so to speak, with an endo into the mud! Bravo! Well done Sir!

We had a most excellent weekend!

Note: the above pic was lifted from D's blog, check it out for more pics.

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