Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rick Newhouse and a lazy Sunday

This is a close up of the tree in front of our home. We planted it last year as part of a community planting effort. I like trees.

"Proof" I can do two things at once.

Saturday Wild Bill, Lynn, Lyons, Judge and myself loaded up and headed off to the Rick Newhouse crit. Lynn was off first, racing with the boys in the 55 plus masters race. She rode strong and solid as usual. It was great watching the big guys getting frustrated try to draft off Lynn's small frame. Wild Bill was next, putting in a strong show in the 45+. I was next, the 35+, I rode as hard as I could, still suffering the effects of a chest cold. With 10 to go I could not catch my breath, I pulled out, wheezing, retching and hacking. Pleasant. We had a great day, enjoying the weather, the company of friends and great racing. Congrats go out to our teammate Matt who placed second in the 35+ and won the 123!

Sunday, Lynn had to work and I decided not to go to Wells ave. I went to the gym early, then spent some time with my family and finally, I was able to go out for a long slow ride. It was quite an excellent weekend.

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Aa said...

I'm voting for your Volvo over Butchs. Butch is all flash and mustache.

What about the no handed self portrait?