Sunday, April 12, 2009

mushroom boy, clinton and old volvos

It's been a while since we last updated our blog, we have been CRAZY busy. Lynn and I have been working our tails off, picking up overtime, trying to build up the war chest for the coming race season. We have been also caring for a wonderful boy(greyhound) by the name of Clinton. He is completely blind, no light, shapes, shadows, NADA! He is a most trusting and sweet animal, a true testament to the Greyhound breed. He will be going home soon, maybe.

Lynn and I had a few days off due to the Passover holiday, I spent most of the time under my ancient and ailing Volvo wagon. I replaced the leaking exhaust manifold gaskets, timing belt, tensioner and front oil seals. I also updated all of the other maintenance items, oil change, spark plugs,wires, cap/ rotor, air filter, fuel filter, swiss cheesed the air box, cleaned chassis grounds, and so on. I also installed a killer set of rally lights on the front bumper, I couldn't resist. It's not done, but I made a huge dent in the to do list and is runs piss'ah now!

Thursday night I came down with a slight fever and cold symptoms, but is was Wild Bill's Birthday so I soldiered on. Bill and Lisa came over as did Joe and Jody. Lynn whipped the house together and put on a little spread, we had a blast. By the way, Wild Bill now has an alias, Mushroom Boy. Don't ask, just enjoy.

Saturday, Chris Hinds, yeah right! Pouring rain and a rotten cold, at this point Lynn was infected also. She had planned to do a MTB race. We spent the day in bed, watching the Deadliest Catch marathon and the Red Sox.

We'll be at Rick NewHouse!


scotty said...

staying home was probably a good idea lynn. i went out to the dam and forgot my pile of cold weather clothes. (weather report said sunshine by noon, but at 2 it was still freezing cold rain) the course was a total shitshow. i had a great first lap and then couldn't feel my fingers well enough to operate the brake levers, needless to say i crashed a few times and then hobbled to the car. bum bums.
see you at the next root 66 race i hope!

Wild Bill said...

Thanks for a Great Nite and an awesome spread, Team Sam Rulz!!!!!

Ed said...

Hey! That's my dog!
He's been sad since coming back home with us.

team sam said...

We miss him, give him a hug and kiss from us! He is welcome anytime!