Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dog Tired

Lynn scored the second win for Millwork One! She won her class (4Th woman over all)at the Winstead Woods mountain bike race today, she also retains her leaders jersey!

I raced the Rick Newhouse crit. on Saturday. It was not my best race day. I crashed out my good friend Joe B. removing two spokes from his front wheel, finishing the cat 4 in a disappointing 12Th place, . I did not finish the 35+ masters race due to a digestive( or lack of it) issue. At least I learned a new lesson, eating scrambled eggs, toast, home fries and coffee, 1 hour prior to a really hard race, is not a good idea. Lynn put it all in perspective, at least I wasn't hungry anymore!

Lyons and Judge are dog tired!


Aa said...

2 for 2!!

badbrad said...


-brad (from bryant u.)