Wednesday, April 16, 2008

race reports for Hop Brook and Chris Hinds

Yes! Lynn scored the first win ever, for M1 racing! Lyons is modeling her medal and leader's jersey! She will try to defend the jersey in CT, this Sunday! Wish her luck!

I placed 7th in the cat 4 race at Chris Hinds. I will be racing Rick Newhouse on Saturday, with back to back races, 35+ then cat4.

Lyons and Judge are enjoying watching the humans race around in circles. Word has it, they are taking side bets.


Brendan said...

Way to go Lynn!

I felt like a dope for bagging out on the race when the sun came out and it was ~ 70 deg :( Glad to see it was well worth the trip out there!

Brendan said...

I think Judge is a bit jealous.

team sam said...

maybe thats why he pissed in the house!

hannah said...

Go Lynn (and lyons)! So rad, but I'm not surprised.