Monday, April 28, 2008

Sturbridge and The Fat Tire classic

Bike racing is hard. Sturbridge proved that fact to me, this Saturday. The climb out of town, broke the field apart, while I was daydreaming in rear portion of the pack. I tried to chase on the second lap with others, only to be completely gassed at the bottom of the final climb. I demonstrated poor race craft and poor climbing, I punished my transgressions by chasing hard. Another lesson learned.

Lynn's race proved this prevailing thought " I'd rather careen down a rocky trail, than descend a steep mountain road in in the middle of the pack" She finished, it was hard, enough said.

Lynn also raced the Fat Tire classic in C.T. on Sunday. This is the same venue that the Chain Bitter cyclo-cross was held on. This race utilized much of the same terrain. The field was full and she had some competition, truly earning her second place finish on tired legs. A hard fast race, ending with a second place finish is somehow more gratifying than a runaway victory. She got this very cool prize!

Lyons and Judge spent alot of time in their Volvo this weekend. This close, together, time proved to be too much, Sunday afternoon. I return to the car to check on them, when I received the report. It seems that the nice people parked next to us were quite concerned, they had witnessed a knock down brawl, in the classic Irish tradition. The boys have since shared a pint and made up.


Aa said...

Nothing like a family quarrel...

Lynn still holding the leaders jersey?

team sam said...

Lynn is still the leader!