Friday, August 22, 2008

a state of flux

.....First things first...This is NOT my new cross bike.....I do get to use it this season. Blunt park with Wild Bill on Sunday.

Lyons and Judge(Jay) are enjoying the summer, in air conditioned comfort!

Some house keeping:

The official team sam cell phone has met it's us @ the home phone, work phone or e-mail.

Providence Bicycle has a shop ride every Thursday, leaving the lot @ 6:05pm. This is a slow to moderate pace ride for about an hour, everyone is welcome. We have a yahoo group, check it out for ride updates.


Aa said...

Is that the same bike that I was piloting last year?

I love that bike. So much so, I think I'll be on another one this coming season.

team sam said...


Yes it is! Double tap rules! Now only, if I could ride as fast as you!