Monday, August 25, 2008

Dawn patrol

Sunday was the first local cyclocross of the year, Wild Bill and I were ready (Lynn had to work). The Old Volvo was loaded up for an O'darkthirty dawn patrol. Once on the road, the excitement of a new season was apparent, we chattered on about our new rides, training and beer. Wild Bill's enthusiasm is just what I need to before races, it's infectious!

We arrived early, with plenty of time to pre-ride the course, register and socialize. Bill's cyclocross tip: always arrive two hours minimum be for your start time. Getting settled and focused before my race is a luxury,that I never seem to afford myself.

My race started very fast and stayed that way. I fell out out the top ten, with three laps to go. I was rushing, my dismounts were ugly and sloppy. I decided to slow down on these sections, it seemed to work, I was able to get a few places back finishing 11th. I have a ton of technical work to do.

Wild Bill finished with a very strong 8Th in the 45plus, racing against some real talent.

After our races, we had a beer, then a large eggplant, spinach and feta pizza!

Note: The english spitfire painting is not relevent, but it's my blog and I like it.

Cross season is here!


Brendan said...

Good work out there!

JoeB said...

According to my calender, It's August...Cross? I'll see you in October. But, Hey, sounds like fun anyway!!

Anonymous said...

great racing. now leave the feta off that pizza and then you'll be cracking the top 10, for sure!

team sam said...

The eggplant was deep tasted good at the time!

by the way my cell done, email me!