Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Boring" and "Bored"

I am writing this blog out of pure boredom. I has been a truly long time since I've been this bored.Why? I'm trapped in a hotel, in Anaheim California, without a car or bicycle. Walk or take the bus? Any point of interest is over ten miles in any direction. I've take two epic journeys via public transportation in Orange County. One to Huntington beach and the other trip was to Long beach.

Huntington beach was nice to see in person, I saw the pier, got my feet wet, tasted the Pacific ocean (oddly, it tastes like the atlantic),had a bad slice of New York style pizza and had a beer while sitting on the beach, watching the sun set over the offshore oil rigs. It's a tourist trap, just like Daytona, Virginia beach and Myrtle beach. It was not worth the $5.00 in bus fees and the FOUR hour round trip. Yes, it took TWO hours each way to travel twelve miles. I can say this; the locals (that I met on the bus) were super polite, helpful and kind.

Long beach? Yeah, it's like Warwick, only they have the Queen Mary, BFD! A complete waste of time.

I was planning to go to Newport beach tonight, but my travel schedule tommow is going to suck, ---public bus trip to the airport:2hrs. sitting in the airport before my flight :1hr. leave Ca at 9:30 pm pst arrive in Newark at 5:30 am est-- sit in the airport for 3hrs-- leave Newark at 8:30 am and arrive in Warwick at 9:30 am-- take public bus to Providence, 1 hr, so Im thinking 14-15 hours of being at the mercy of public transportaion will be enough.

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