Saturday, September 20, 2008

cutest mouse pad and coolest cross race

Bad Brad thinks he has the cutest mouse pad, but Team Sam has him beat!

Lynn, Wild Bill, Lyons, Judge(we call him jay now, it just fits better)and myself, left for The New England Velo-Cross Challenge in NH at 5:ish this am. We were among the first to arrive, which gave us a chance to pre-ride the course. Lynn had a real good warm up and a good feeling abount the course. She got a very good start, the second woman into the woods, quickly picking off the lead rider. She held on for a few strong laps, but, alas one rider got by. She place second in her first cyclocross race of the year!

My race was next, I got the holeshot into the woods, only to fall while trying to ride up the first run up. Lost 5 places during my momentary loss of judgment. The next laps were spent fighting for spots. With three to go I was in second place and could see the leader. I fought hard in the power sections but I could not reel him in. I finished second with a severe case of lung burn.

Wild Bill? He's racing Sucker brook tomorrow, so he took it easy on the competion, no reason to show all your cards this early in the season.


badbrad said...

wow. i'm still voting for mine

cats are over rated. dogs are better... you should know!!

JoeB said...

Nice!!! Cross bike...I think I have one of those. Where the hell are you going to put all of those trophies? See you soon.

Brendan said...

Nice job @ the race! Congrats. We've got to get together and ride soon.

Brendan said...

Oh. Almost forgot. I totally agree with Badbrad. Cats?