Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Do work"

Well it's time..time to train, time to loose weight, time to plan for the '09 season, time to walk the dog, time to dream about hot summer nights careening around Ninigret park.

Last season I started with a plan, a real plan, Sir ASG set up a killer training plan for me. I planed to peak at the GRM stage race, I never made it. Why? I lost my Job in early '08, a Job that I had spent nearly half my life at (17 years). With the loss of my Job, I was able to train during the day, Great right? Wrong, I rode my bike, sure, but I was stressed and depressed. I had NO excuses, I had the support of my wonderful wife, time to train, a awesome new team. So what happened? I sabotaged my self, I backed off in sprints, I got scared, I beat my self. The more I sucked out, the more I felt guilty, letting myself, my team and Adam down.

So what will be different in '09? Mental health is priority one, I will race as long as I have a positive attitude towards competing. I still have the 08' training plan. But, I will use it as a guide, If I feel good I'll ride longer, If I feel like crap, I'll bag the ride all together. My focus will be racing crits, (NO ROAD RACES!) Some Root 66 races, 1 or 2 endurance MTB races and a bunch of 'cross races. If it's flat and fast I'll be there in '09 !

What about your better half? What's up with Lynn? All I can say is that she has been training and is looking forward to a long and fun '09 season. Anybody have a small Santa Cruz v10 for sale?


Wild Bill said...

If you continue to ride this winter the way you rode yesterday you are going to be one bad a$$ Mutha Fckr.... Mutha Fckr

Aa said...

Did I hear some one say 24 hour race?
Sign me up!