Sunday, January 11, 2009

Missing tools

Friday was a sad day for me, I realized that the bottom my tool bag was coming apart. I was at my last job of the day, I reached into my bag and discovered my Snap On flat blade screw driver was missing. I quickly emptied my bag and took inventory, among the missing: one large SK flat blade screwdriver turned pry bar, channel lock side cutters and a craftsman awl. I must have been dropping tools all over South Eastern New England, GRRRR. I know no big deal, so I'm out a few bucks, most of those tools were very worn anyway. I can't expect everyone to understand, but, if you have spent your entire life fixing, making or even breaking things, you know what it's like to loose a tool. Every tool has a story ,each mark, scratch and scar, are witness to years of work and play, for example my now errant SK screwdriver. I was working at a Goodyear shop in Newton Mass in my early twenties. I was servicing a Nissan Pathfinder with a stuck oil filter, so I foolishly speared the oil filter with my screwdriver in an attempt to crack it loose. Instead I touched the end of the tool against the B+ starter terminal grounding it, I nearly burnt that SUV to the ground. The tip of that tool still shows the burn mark from that stupid mistake twenty years later!

BTW: The Snap On adjustable in the pic. is made in Sweden!


JoeB said...

I have the same adjustable wrench! Some good news? Your MAC long handle ratchet is fixed....waiting on the Cornwell guy to replace the wrench. I'll get back at yea.

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i see your foot