Wednesday, January 21, 2009

39 days Left

The Bethel spring training series kicks off Sunday March 1st! Which means, I've got to loose 8lbs, change the cables and housings on my bike, train, replace the center support bearing on the Volvo, drink some beer, fix the exhaust leak on the Volvo, buy a race license, change the oil on the Volvo, train, pay my club dues, all within the next 39 days!

Team Sam


Murat Altinbasak said...

35 days left. Four more weekends left to not be a slacker.
Get that upgrade in your crosshairs, aim, and fire.
It's well witin your reach. Just reach.

Danielle said...

Hey, thanks for the link to your blog! Your dogs are so cute!!!

Good luck with racing this summer! Eventually spring will get here :-)

scotty said...

hey i miss you guys, we should do some training together, maybe a late february team weekend! I plan on starting my season with the king of burlingame, but a trip to bethel might be fun...

scotty said...

bethel on sunday??? what say you?