Monday, March 9, 2009

plainville 3-7-09(2)

Lynn, Wild Bill and I headed off the Plainville spring series crit. We loaded up the ailing Volvo and picked up WB @ 7:00 am, we covered 114 miles in 1.5 hrs,(76 mph average with 3 bikes on the roof,Yes the old wagon can still get it done). We arrived with plenty of time to register and warm up. The skies were clear, with a slight breeze, it felt as if it were 70 degrees out. We all raced in shorts, it felt great! WB was first racing in the 3/4 race, which looked blistering fast. The 3/4 field was about 60 riders deep! Bill put in a solid ride, finishing in the top 1/3.

Lynn and I raced next, I can tell you, racing elbow to elbow with your spouse is a blast! Our field was about half the size of the 3/4 race, there was plenty of room to move around, the race was very smooth and safe. I sat in the top spots for most of the race, taking second in the first prime, but in typical fashion, I blew the finish, ending up in eighth position. Lynn rode very well, in her typical rock solid form, finishing in the top 1/2 of the field.

Today I went out for a long mostly slow solo ride, trying to figure out what went wrong, to no avail. Next week I'll try again, same time same place. Wells ave. on Sunday! Watch this space for updates.

BTW... My '06 Honda CRF150 and Lynn's 04 Kawasaki klx125 are going up on Craig's List and the local trial bike forums soon. If there is any interest please contact us. We will consider trades ,a trip to Moab, a small dirt jumper, an old volvo ,a sweet mtb wheel set or a small DH race bike perhaps?

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