Monday, March 30, 2009

My wife is faster than yours and Julia child was a spy

It's been a while since our last post. As you can guess, we've been very busy with work, racing and having fun. Saturday was no exception, it was a marathon of fun. check it out!

6:00 wake up
6:30 leave for plainville crit
7:00 Pick up Wild Bill
7:30 the Volvo decides it no longer needs it's power steering belt
9:00 arrive at plainville
10:00 Lynn, WB and I race the 3/4. Average speed, 27mph. Lynn finished in the top 1/2. We were all very psyched for her, we knew she was fast, but this race proved it!
11:00 change up and head back to RI.
11:15 jack up tire pressure so the Volvo is easier to steer
12:30 drop off WB, and visit with Lisa for a few.
1:30 arrive home and walk Lyons and Jay
2:00 Light Lunch and a beer
2:15 classified
2:45 nap time (yes we're old)
5:00 wake up, shower again, take care of the boys
7:00 Joe and Jodi pick us up, we show off our new paint and wood floors
7:30 dinner at the oak hill tavern in NK RI
9:30 arrive at the ocean mist
9:45 meet the lead singer and guitar players (Jodi's old friends)
10:00 bands take the stage
12:00 Neutral Nation takes the stage
12:30 Joe and i head to the pit (I'll save this story for another time)
2:30 I walk Jay, Lyons would not wake up.
2:40 off to bed!

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