Monday, March 2, 2009

39 days are up,

It's been a while since our last post. Sunday Wild Bill and I were planning on kicking the 09' season off with racing at Bethel, the race was cancelled. No the Volvo has not been repaired yet. It's been too cold and I don't have the spare cash to fix it up. My tax return should cover it. Lynn and I have been riding regularly, loosing a few pounds and limiting our beer, chocolate and frozen yogurt intake. This winter has been tough, frozen water bottles, numb hands and feet. But we've had great company, thanks Bart, Joe S, Joe B, Wild Bill, Fr8te you helped the winter miles roll by with ease.

Sunday, instead of careening around an industrial park in Connecticut, Wild Bill and I decided to treat ourselves to a Big River woods ride. It was a gamble, we had nothing to loose, W.B. had his hard tail mtb (equipped with studs) and I was on my 'cross bike. We both were skeptical, yet we never said a word. Big River was picture perfect, I was too chicken to take my camera, because the odds of me falling off my bike were up around 100%. The trail conditions were perfect, the light snow fall made the trails smooth and tacky. W.B. and I were grinning from ear to ear as we looped around the undulating and flowing trails. After four hours, we dined on olive bread, coffee then a beer or two.

Riding a bike if FUN!


scotty said...

sounds like a rad ride in the woods. i am gonna be hitting up big river and burlingame a bunch after this running race, i will hunt you guys down at the shop.

Wild Bill said...

Awesome ride!!!!!! Thanks for driving...the HoeG's were well earned.

Aa said...