Saturday, May 3, 2008

my wife rocks and horse racing sucks

Thursday was my 40Th birthday! Lynn not only treated me like a King for a day, but I also received a set of Mavic race wheels as my birthday gift. As if this were not enough, when I came home from work, I was surprised by a brand new 26 redline mono cog in the kitchen. Yes, she is the best!

This morning Lynn, Scott and Wild Bill went for a mountain bike ride, in big river. First off, the redline is fantastic. Single speeds are so simple, no chain banging around, no wrong gear choice, no suspension to fret over. It's all you, and a ton of fun. We had a blast chasing each other over the rhythmic trails, smiling and feeling like kids again! Scott S is super fast in the woods, especially since it was only his second time ever!

On a more somber note, Today during the Kentucky derby a two year old horse fell and broke both of her front ankles, she was was euthanized on the track. The sport of horse racing is held with much celebration and fanfare. In reality it's as cruel as dog fighting. A two year old horse is not fully grown yet. Their bodies are not equipped to deal with the stresses of racing. Please don't be fooled, horse racing is abusive and cruel.

I know we're starting to sound like some kind of animal rights activist freaks. This blog was intened to be about bike racing, BUT the circus is in town and we can't ignor it. Click the link, if you want to know why the circus sucks!


scotty said...

mike is so fast in the woods he was snapping off chainring thats style!

Simon said...

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team sam said...

Piss Off!Unblock your profile you spinless wanker!

animal rights activist freak said...

And what's at all wrong with being an animal rights activist freak?

Yes, horse racing sucks.