Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's racing, not racin!

Stafford springs, Lynn's race what was posted as a woman's 3/4 race, actually it was a woman's open race. Woman's racing tends to take a back seat to the men's categories. The excuse given is that not enough woman attend the events, yet the promoters do nothing to attract female racers. Lynn was quite satisfied to finish a race whose pace was dictated by strong riders, such as Amy kemper and Kim Edwards.

I raced in the cat 4 group, which looked more like stock car racing than a bicycle race. Joe B. was collected in on wreck, destroying two wheels. He was able to rejoin the scrum, finishing one spot ahead of me. So what is my excuse this week? I lost my nerve, I should have been sitting in the top ten on the final lap. I just backed off for no real reason. The other guys just wanted it, more than me. I don't need a coach, I need a shrink.

Today I planned to race Hartford with Joe B. and Wild Bill. A logistical snafu prevented Joe and I from arriving, but Wild Bill, true to form made the race. Unfortunately he was collected in the final laps, destroying his wheelset, shifters and portions of his epidermis. Maybe there IS a reason Joe and I never made it to Hartford.

I returned home after my botched attempt to race today, to find one skinny greyhound in my bed, accompanied by crumbs and an empty wheat bread bag. At least he has not figured out how to open a beer bottle yet.

Six hours this Saturday!


JoeB said...

Can it be true...a parade spared me the posibility of wrecking twice this weekend? Perhaps Bill and I should go halves on a box of spokes from reynolds. Here is hoping wild bill is ok. When will this weekend...end. Next week? Wheelmen ride...playing it safe.


team sam said...

next weekend 6hr mtb race, safe!

Anonymous said...

Good to Go, bodies and bike's helped to limit the road rash ,just a few sore rib's and a pissed off C'dale.


team sam said...

Hell yeah!