Wednesday, May 28, 2008

speed vs.endurance

Lynn, Lyons, Judge and I will be at Pat's peak on Saturday. We will attempt the solo 6 hr mtb race. Lynn also plans on racing on Sunday in an attempt to retain her series lead. I'll be attempting to ride this event on my single speed rigid Redline. I made some low budget upgrades, adding a used front disc brake, softer grips and a better saddle.

Ninigrit tonight!

Congrats to Wild Bill, he is now a Cat3!


Brendan said...

Hey, let me know if you need a disc for the rear - I've got a BB5 caliper and some rotors I'll trade you for a beer or two.. you would just need a mounting bracket.

team sam said...

Sounds great! What is your beer of choice?

Brendan said...

Uh, hmmm... some Harpoon IPA would do it.