Wednesday, May 21, 2008

two weeks

It's been two weeks since this blog was updated. The only real reason is we've been "sooper" busy. Lynn has been working 6 days a week. Besides the usual work and trying to find time to ride. We've had family responsibilities to tend to, my daughter has become a killer soccer player! I spent some quality time with Walter and his tattoo needles. I'm also in the process of refinishing the gel coat on my father's old boat.

Lynn raced very hard at Sterling and put in a solid finish. We have shared a bunch of mountain bike rides with friends. I've rediscovered my love of woods riding, maybe because I have a little fitness, most likely it's the company of good people. Wild Bill convinced Lynn and I to race the 6 hour mtb race at pats peak, a week from this Saturday. Lynn, Bill and I will be racing solo for six hours, on a five mile loop. We hope to complete 11 laps. I invite anyone interested to contact us, we plan on camping out(as long as they allow dogs).

This coming Saturday Lynn, Lyons, Judge, John, Lindsey and I will be at Stafford Spring. Sunday I'll be solo at Hartford.

Lynn racing at Mount Snow? Is it true? Tune in and find out!


scotty said...

see you at stafford. which races are you gonna rock?

Brendan said...

You might want to tighten up Lynne's rear hub, and convince her to run somehwere shy of 100 psi in her MTB tires... ;) She'll go faster I promise.

badbradjurga said...

Yes! Please camp out! I signed up for the 6 hr but really wanna do the 12. I need a place to stay!!
I know Lynn and Wild Bill (I race for MRC with him) and I believe that you pinned my numbers on for a 'cross race at one time!

Can you drop me a line? My e-mail is: bjurga (at) bryant (dot) edu