Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hotter than.......

It's hot, almost too hot. It's way too hot for the dogs, Lyons and Judge have been completely paralyzed by the heat. It's almost like they are hibernating, only getting up to eat or take a severely abbreviated walk. Otherwise they are crashed out in the a/c. I was able to ride Monday, putting in three hours of easy riding, in the noon day sun. The high temps only bothered me towards the end of my ride, once I returned to the city.

Today Lynn and I went for a long slow social ride down the South county bike path, continuing on to Galilee. We stopped at the Narragansett town beach to put our feet in the ocean. Lynn had the good fortune to run into a dear old friend and had a chance to reconnect. We then continued on to the Mews tavern in Wakefield, for a beer and portabela mushroom sandwiches, good food and good beer!(69 beers on tap!) Other than Lynn getting a slight case of sunburn, it was a wonderful, hot day.

Work and Ninigret tomorrow!

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Aa said...

Just rode a big wheeled big bike for the first time.
Holy hell it is the best thing since knobby tires.