Sunday, June 8, 2008

ninigret report

I entered the cat 4 race Saturday, this is where I usually self deprecate and bitch
but, I'll spare you the drudgery. You guessed it, 20Th spot. I raced well, I was part of a bunch of breaks, chasing down the ones I missed. So what happened? I really can't tell you much, the last lap things bunched up, the pack got tight and squirrely, so I backed off. Simple as that. I'm glad a local providence rider won, check the results, a truly great win for a good guy!

My ten year old daughter always seems to put things into perspective. Saturday was her final soccer game of the season. The team was completely win-less, yet they played hard right to the final whistle. When the game was over their flush faces were smiling as they cheered. They played hard loosing by one goal, coming back from a 3 goal deficit. None of these kids pouted, bitched or complained. They cheered, not because loosing is fun, but because sport is good. Lindsey, sport is very good, indeed!

Lynn was not able to race, because there were no woman's categories. Lame, very lame. Mystic Velo, your view of the female competitor is very myopic. That's all I have to say about that, for now.

Lyons and Judge will be taking a short hiatus from spectating at the bike races. It's way to hot. They will be back for 'cross season.

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scotty said...

yeah, good job mystic velo! lets all get together in spandex and not invite any women...great plan!!!