Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nutmeg Classic Criterium,Whaling City Cyclone

Saturday Lynn raced the Nutmeg Classic Criterium. Finally! She got to race in a straight cat 4 race. Lynn finished strong, the cat 4 group actually caught the 3s! I was unable to race due to unforeseen circumstances, was able to get a 50plus tri-state ride in.

Sunday, I was able to sneak in one race, the Whaling City Cyclone. I raced the 35plus masters event. I had no warm up, arriving 15 minutes before the start. The first two laps of the very technical course were a flat out sprint. Once things began to settle, my legs cleared, I really began to enjoy myself. I felt like Valentino Rossi(he is a very fast Italian motorcycle racer), powering through the curves single file. I really had a great time, it's been a while since I've said that about a bike race. Anyway, as Valentino would say "Amo andare molto digiunare!"

Ninigret on Wednesday, Cox Classic Saturday, Keith Berger Sunday, speedway under the lights Monday!


scotty said...

ok, idea #2, we do the 6hour race on saturday the 2nd in pittsfield VT instead and save some money!
or pimp ourselves to some sponsors....

team sam said...

$177.ea that's like 14.00 per hr, It's cheaped than some crits! I'm up for what-ever, but let's not give up on the 24 just yet.

scotty said...

ok. if you are in i'm in, two man singlespeed hell raisers. we gotta name our team!!! here are some suggestions:
msss (for mike sam scott sullivan),
bitch get out of my way,
hold your liners,
the short cutters,
or get this, this is the best one:
team discovery channel (we could get some kits at the store, that shit would be funny)

team sam said...

Team Discovery, I like, msss...hmmm... how about team mEsss, since we're alway a mess...we still gotta wear the m1 colors! I guess it's ebay time.