Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have not consumed meat in more than four years. I do not eat fish, chicken or clams. I cut out red meat years prior. In the past few weeks, I've had odd cravings, such as little necks and clam cakes. When I ride past a cookout, the burgers smell great....what is happening? From what I've read, it's possible that my body is craving these foods, because I have a severe lack of protein in my diet. Or, is it my inner fat bastard trying to get out? Probably both. I wont be eating a burger any day soon. Clams cakes may be a possibility, there is never any clams in those things anyway.

Saturday Scott and I went for a woods ride in Big Riva, the first two hours were great fun, riding the berms and whoops like we were on a pump track. After two hours of moderate paced fun, we were out of water, and ready to head back. We got lost, we passed the same log bridge a few times in 45 minutes. Scott kept cool and was amiable as ever, but I was getting frustrated. As road types do, we settled on a double track dirt road, figuring that it lead somewhere. After a few hundred yards I saw a figure, I thought it was an apparition. No, it wasn't an oasis or a camel, it was true salvation. It was Brendan D.! Yes! He graciously offered me some much needed water and lead us out of the woods. Thanks Brendan! The beers are on me.

Today Bart and I went for a road ride in the rain. We rolled out into the hills at a comfortable pace, chatting and catching up. Bart is a great riding partner, I miss the long Sunday winter rides out of the shop. Cheers Bart!

Happy Father's day!


Murat Altinbasak said...

I would sooner start glue sniffing or heroin before I gave up red meat.. but that's just me. In fact I just stocked up tonight with many pounds of thin-sliced rib-eye steaks. I don't know how you do it. Delicious animal muscles were meant to be grilled and consumed, not avoided.

Murat Altinbasak said...
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team sam said...

I choose not to eat meat for a few simple reasons, such asthe following: health, social, environmental and ethical. My cholesterol was at 110pts. total last check, abstaining from meat products greatly reduces my chance of contracting colon cancer. From a social stand point, Super Size 99 cent burgers are killing this country, we as a collective society have great difficulty moderating our food intake. I choose to separate myself from this aspect of our culture. The insatiable appetite for cheap beef is the main reason that the rain forest is being clear cut at an alarming rate. Most of the cheap beef we as a counrty eat, is raised in this region. The cattle population is responsible for 18% of the total greenhouse gases. The production of cattle is one of the top three environmental problems in the world. Ethically, I personally find it difficult to eat an animal that was separated from it's mother before it was weened, pumped full of growth hormone and force fed grain (cattle eat grass, not grain). I find the living conditions these animals are subjected to to be deplorable and cruel. The slaughter house is hell on earth, do a Google video search and see for your self. In short, I feel that life is all about decisions, we make so many in our life time, this is one that I feel good about.

Murat Altinbasak said...

I totally respect the decision..
Whatever blows your hair back..
Have you ever heard of the sheep that are raised in the mountains of Turkey? They eat all of the oregano that grows natually out in the hills. They say that you don't even have to season their meat before grilling.. It's true.
You know how many millions of sheep and cows and goats are "slaughtered" once a year during a certain Muslim holiday? How do you feel about the way these animals die in comparison to the way they are killed in an American slaughterhouse? The animal is laid down, given a last meal, even a treat, the butcher says a prayer, and a sharp knife is passed across a very precise part of the neck, minimizing pain and expediting the process. I only bring this up because I know that too many Americans will hork down a Big Mac yet they will bird dog what I've described above as though it's some kind of a savage act.. I've seen vids of slaughterhouses. They are mechanized houses of efficient death and dismemberment. I'm with you there.. and this is whymost Muslims in America search far and wide to find a "Halal" butcher shop, where all of the animals are slaughtered humanely, relatively speaking that is.. I'm not one of those people, but I ought to be I guess..

team sam said...


Taking life should not be taken lightly, Human or animal. Putting a burger on the dollar menu is not honoring the life the cow.

Tean Sam