Thursday, June 5, 2008

still sore!

Today is the fifth day after Pat's Peak. Most of the soreness in my legs is gone. I had no idea what it was getting myself into. The start was Le Mans style, when the horn sounded I was off into a full run, getting on my bike and continuing my sprint. I was third going into the single track. Once the climbing began I felt like I was going backwards. People passing me were remarking about my gear (17t) or asking me if I was OK. I completed the first lap on the rivet. The second lap was worse, once the climb began, I got off and ran. This was the hardest lap and my fastest. I was breathing hard at the end of the 2ND lap, the official could not understand me as I told her that I was number 61. I could not keep this pace up for FIVE more hours. So I settled into a rhythm of pushing my bike, hammering the flats and trying to be smooth and fast on the descents. On the third lap I realized that every one of the few riders on single speeds had 22t cogs on the rear, I had a 17t, not the hot setup! Laps 3-7 were terrific, the weather cooled off, I was having a blast. Lap eight, I was out of gas, no longer running, more like slogging. The descents were scary as my front disc failed. I wanted to get across the line before 6:00pm so I get one more lap in. It never happened. I crossed the line, and was told that I was done, no statement could have been more accurate. In all, 6 hours, 40 miles, 7000 vertical feet of climbing. Yes, I was truly DONE!

Lynn had 3 great laps, than ran into trouble. Our paths crossed at the end of her third lap, she told me that "it's not so bad" with a big smile. I figured that all was well. On her fourth lap, symptoms of severe dehydration came on fast. Chronic dehydration is a result of her past health issues. She wisely pulled the plug on the race.

Wild Bill, still recoving from his brutal crash in Hartford also attemped the 6 hr solo race. Succumbing to his injuries after 5 hard laps. Bill is "THE MAN!"

Lynn also raced Sunday morning in the Root 66 XC series, completing two laps on the same corse, earning anoth gold medal, some sweet shwag and best of all retaining the series leader's jersey! Yes, she is the coolest woman on the planet!

Lyons and Jugde don't quite like camping, they just kind of deal with it. They are glad to be home!

Mystic Velo Saturday!

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