Sunday, March 16, 2008

wells ave #1 completed

Saturday's workout was a wash, the weather was crappy, so I set up the trainer. After fifteen minuets of fidgeting, I quit. I cleaned the "bike room" instead, then Lynn and I ate some wood grilled pizza and drank beer! Sunday I went to wells with Scott (thanks for the lift!). We met Brendan and raced the "A" race. I was going to do the "B", then I thought "what would Adam do?" The race was hard, I'm not entirely sure what transpired. I do know that I tried to stay at the front, I tried to help Scott and Brendan as best as I could. I also know that I finished on Brendan's wheel. In my humble opinion, the race was a success. I'm looking forward to 90 minutes of 1/2 zone riding with Bill D. tomorrow. I really want to race next Sunday!

Lynn is showing great discipline, riding the trainer daily, I think she's due for real miles soon!

Lyons is having most of his teeth removed this week. This unfortunately is common for greyhounds, because they were fed crappy raw 4d meat( dead, diseased, disabled and dying cows)at the track.

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Aa said...

Woot woot!
Happy birthday pups! Eat some cookies! And don't pee in the kitchen!