Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This is the first update from team sam. Lynn got a new road race bike for the 2008 season, it's a Lemond chambry in a one off team color. Lynn took Sunday off the bike(she had to work) and put two hours of zone 2 in on Monday.

I raced in the Bethel masters race on Sunday finishing 19Th. This race was a confidence booster for me, as I'm always nervous at the beginning of the season,concerned that I've lost fitness. I now know I'm in the ball park, and I still have work to do. Monday I completed a 90 minute ride in 1/2 zone to recover. Today will be 3 hrs with 2x30 tempo blocks. Here is the link to bethel.

Lyons and Judge slept for 18hrs on Sunday and again on Monday. The plan it pretty much the same for today, maybe a trip to the dog park?

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