Saturday, March 8, 2008

Is Wild Bill really a Minuteman?

Friday, I rode for 90 minutes at a high cadence,low heart rate, concentrating on proper technique. Today will be 90 minutes in zone 2 with 5 jumps at 100% effort for 30 seconds each. Sunday Scott and my good friend "Wild Bill" Doonan are heading for Bethel. Scott Sullivan is looking to improve on his top ten finish last week in the hotly contested and very fast cat. 3/4 race. Bill is a B masters cyclocross killer, he has huge huevos when it comes to race strategy and a ton of horse power to back it up.We will take a crack at the 40 plus master race, I hope to improve on my 19Th place finish last week.

Worked on the old Volvo for a bit, she's got a belly full of 20w-50, fresh filter and repaired a vacuum leak. I had noticed that the base idle and timing were way out of spec. Prior to my ownership someone had tried to compensate for the un-metered air, I readjusted the idle, minimum air and base timing, the old Volvo is running sweet.

Lynn put in more time on the trainer, unfortunately the weather sucks today, so mountain biking is out. She may break out the rollers and show me up with her imense grace and balance.

Lyons saved Judge from the evil yet cute stuffed dragon, Lyons is exhausted from the ordeal. Judge is fine, showing no signs of post traumatic stress syndrome.


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