Sunday, March 23, 2008

Time to get down to business!

Monday 6:30 am-1 hour, zone 2 LOW cadence, 70-75 RPM

Tuesday 6:30 am- 2.5 hours. 6 efforts at 4:00 each. 175 HR. rest 2 minutes between. as many as possible, split it into 2 sets. Rest 15 minutes between sets. Rest is low zone 2, high candence.

Wendesday 7:30 am 45-90 minutes easy ride, boulevard spin, coffee, bike path, easy.

Thursday 6:30 am 2 hours. Zone 2-3. Try and stay in zone 3 for as much of the ride as possible EAT a lot.

Friday off-Fixed gear ride to and from work

Saturday 2 hours. zone 2. 5 seated jumps :30 each. Focus on leg speed. Reach maximum cadence each time.

Sunday Wells ave "a" race

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