Wednesday, March 5, 2008

tuesday's training report

I rode for three hours on Tuesday with a plan. I wanted to warm up for a half hour in zone 2, then complete a half hour zone 3 block, rest a half hour in zone 2 then back to zone 3 for another half, then finish up in zone 2. Well, I could only hold zone three for 12 min, so I rested for another half and tried again, I spent 15min struggling to keep my heart rate in zone 3, so I relented to holding zone 3 for 10min at a time with a short break in between. I just felt lazy and lethargic. I could ride all day in low zone 2, but zone 3 sucked. I'll try again today.

Lynn put 1 hour in on the trainer after work last night, working on high cadence, smooth efficient pedal strokes, while adding to her base fitness.

Lyons and Judge ran their hearts out at the very large Richmond dog park. It was the first day, in a long time that they were able to run with their coats off. It's a truly wonderful sight to see these guys running their asses off just because it's fun!

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