Tuesday, March 18, 2008

GRRRRR!!! x 2

Monday morning, I went out with Bill for a easy recovery ride; 1:53 min., average hr 121, 880 kcal, 25 miles. Tonight laps around the Blvd. 1/2 zone with Lynn and Mike I. Tomorrow off, Thurs, 3hrs in zone 2, weather permitting. Friday off. Saturday team ride, we get our new kits, I'll try to keep it slow. Sunday? Wells, or maybe just another zone 2 ride with Bill.

I spent more quality time with my Volvo today,I washed it. I also removed the third row seat and seat belts. It's an effort to reduce the rear biased weight. Admittedly a feeble attempt to keep the axle off the bump stops when the wagon is loaded with 160+lbs. of Greyhounds.

I "need" race wheels, my ultegra wheelset is strong and smooth, but a real set of race wheels it what I "need". So given my meager budget, it's between DT Swiss rr1450and Mavic Ksyrium SL. Then Wild Bill thew me a curve, he suggested Mavic Ksyrium sl Tubulars. I never considered considered anything but clinchers, Bill said in his mild Boston acent "TOOB-ULAHS ah wicked fast!" Sorry Bill, I had too, beers are on me. Any thoughts?

Lyons is getting his teeth removed tomorrow, so wish him strength and luck!


Brendan said...

Maybe I'll you fast folks out on the Boulevard tonight.. try not to blow my slow ass off the road, okay?

team sam said...

great, were leaving the shop @ 6:ish