Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday update

Tuesday's am ride was canceled, mostly due to a warm bed and a cute wife.
Lynn rode the trainer again for an hour, and made a great pasta dinner!

Wednesday am, completed Tuesday's ride. Total time 161mi with 5, 4min 175bpm pulls with 15 min rests in zone 2. I ran into Murat on the cranston bike path on my way out, then it began rain. Wet,cold, hungry,I'm back on a bike, to ride to work.
Lynn is out in Lincoln woods, getting wet, muddy and sweaty. Mission accomplished.


Aa said...

He's a working man once again...

Anonymous said...

Work? I thought you were going Pro like ST.G ?


Murat Altinbasak said...

What are the odds of two M1 Racing folks crossing eachother on the Cranston bike path at 7:00 am on a weekday?
Better than I thought!
That was cool. I got a little wet too.. but riding home was dreamy with that 56 degree temp.

Aa said...

56 degrees??
You guys are spoiled.