Saturday, March 15, 2008


This is not my rest week, Adam has spent allot of time to put together a comprehensive training program, I can't even keep track of the weeks! So Thursday Wild Bill and I rode out of Exeter, we went out 165,into ct on 49, 14a, 14 102 finally onto rt 3. It took us close to three hrs, average heart rate was 135, kcal was 1500ish. The weather, roads and company was perfect. Bill and I headed to Little country Pizza and destroyed a large veggie pizza, they sell beer there, I didnt mention it, Bill did'nt mention it. we drank water. Friday I was reminded that I'm an idiot, so I went out and road for 3 hrs with one 60min block in zone three. Today I'll ride the trainer and do two 30 min zone 3 blocks. Wells Sunday if the weather is cooperative. Sorry Adam!

New bike for Lynn, she just bought Mike Fer's Orbea Team Mountain Bike frame. I generously donated my year old jamis to her '08 mtb effort. So the jamis will be torn down and all of parts used to build up her race bike. It should be a nice ride, we will post pics when the build is completed.

Lyons and Judge will be celebrating tonight, cake, treats, and beer! St. patties day is when we celebrate their Birthdays! Why? Because they are Irish! Pics to follow!

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Aa said...

Ali LOVES Steve Martin, sometimes to a frightening degree.
I'm not sure who was off on the weeks, but as long as you're still standing.

Woof! Bark! Grrrr Woof!

Nice new ride Lynn.