Saturday, March 22, 2008

Greyhound faq

Do Greyhounds need much of room? Greyhounds love to lounge and sleep. During their racing career they spend all day in a space that is equivalent to a chicken coop. They are only let out twice a day, for 20 minutes at time, in a crowded 20x20 sandy lot. Our 900sq ft condo is more than enough room for two large greyhounds.

Are Greyhounds hyperactive? No, greyhounds are lazy. They love to sleep and lounge around. It's normal for a retired racer too sleep 18 hours a day.

Do Greyhounds need much exercise? No, they only need to be walked a few times a day. They do enjoy a trip or two a week, to the dog park, so they can run and play.

Are Greyhounds a good walking or running partners? Yes, running at 6-10 mph is just a slight trot for them. Remember Greyhounds can run 40mph. They are trained to walk on a leash. They do not pull or lead. It is easy for a 40lb child to walk a 80lb greyhound.

Are Greyhounds good pets? Yes, they are house trained (mostly)when adopted. They do not bark, once a Greyhound is comfortable in his new digs, he may conjure up a happy howl when you come home from work. Greyhounds are not destructive animals, chewing is not a common issue. Some dogs do chew out of anxiety due to the fact that they were kept in wooden crates for long hours at a time. These dogs would chew on the crates, out of boredom, or as an effort to alleviate some anxiety. Once in a home environment, this should no longer be an issue. Greyhounds also shed minimally.

Do Greyhounds get along with cats and other animals? This is difficult to answer, Lynn has had two Greyhounds, Gabby and Doozey prior to Judge and Lyons. They both lived with cats, Gabby slept with and cleaned kittens. Gabby and Doozey, lived on a farm with horses, goats, and chickens with no issues. However Judge is only OK with other Greyhounds, Lyons is OK with large dogs. I would not trust either dog around cats or rabbits. This may just be a behavioral or training issue. Lyons and Judge are Irish Greyhounds, they were unfortunately trained with live animals. In the United States it is illegal to train Greyhounds with live animals. Most adoption centers will test their dogs with cats, and advise prospective parents of their disposition. Keep in mind, when they race, they are chasing a stuffed rabbit. They are not racing for first place, they are racing for a meal.

Are Greyhound adoption centers kill shelters? No, once a greyhound makes it to the shelter, their life has been spared. The problem is once the shelters are full, breeders/trainers will simply kill the dogs they no longer have a use for. In some cases they may even sell them to medical testing facilities.

I'm not ready to adopt a Geyhound, what can I do to help? It's simple, don't bet on the dogs. Don't go to Twin Rivers or any another dog track. By just playing the slots, seeing a show or eating a meal at the track, supports dog racing.

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