Thursday, March 27, 2008


Wednesday's ride accomplished, and quite enjoyable also!

Lynn rode the trainer at work, cool job huh?

Charge pond Saturday, wells on Sunday? Too much?

Lyons and Judge trashed the house today, eating 2 empty peanut butter jars, a snowman candle and my patch kit.

Tomorrow's ride is Thursday's ride, so I've got some work to do!


Brendan said...

Hey Mike, come ride Foxboro Sunday morning. I'm giving a 3 hour tour. It'll be good for you! Well, it'll be more fun than your bike rides on the blvd anyway.. ;)

Aa said...

Dude there is NO WAY Foxboro is more fun than rides on the BLVD.
I mean really, how is that even thinkable!?
I LOVE rides on the BLVD, and in fact have even considered moving BACK to Providence simply for the sheer joy of riding endless circles while dodging speeding autos and being heckled by folks running in spandex. I MISS that shit, yo.

Foxboro rules.