Sunday, March 30, 2008

Need more power!

My scheduled Friday ride was derailed due to a severe headache, which plagued me all day long. Luckily it subsided by beer o'clock.

Saturday I decided to complete Friday's ride, mostly zone 3, which went well.

Lynn went for a long solo ride in Big River, only to have here non-drive side crank fall off (Guess the brand). She then decided to complete her day with a 2.5 hr fixed gear ride. The result? A tired, happy and hungry wife!

Sunday I went to Wells ave. The race was not very fast but the winds were quite strong. With every effort in the wind, it slowly became more apparent, that I lack horsepower. Real power, the "in the wind" crank bending power. I'll be working on it.

Lyons and Judge seem to be getting spring fever. Lets just say the Irish brothers share the same middle name, mischief.

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Brendan said...

OOOO OOOO OOOO MR Kotter, Mr Kotter I know, I know - Truvativ!

That sucks to hear - When Truvativ sends you a new arm be sure to loctite the hell out of the fixing bolt. That's what finally cured mine.. Tell the alpacas I said hi.