Monday, March 10, 2008

Bethel #2

Saturday was a wash out, I spent a sweaty, boring hour and ten minutes on my trainer, in zone 2 with 5 30 second blocks of 100% effort. My training plan called for 90 minutes, but 70 minutes was all I could take. Sunday morning Scott, Bill and I headed for Bethel. I had a specific plan. I wanted to attack three times, one of those time I had to initiate the move. There was no tactical reason to attack, I just wanted to see if I could recover enough to finish the race in the main field. So early in the race, I chased a break which was quickly caught, then just wanting to get my homework over with, I went again, by myself. I must admit it was fun for one lap. Then another rider caught me, we stayed out for another lap, only to get caught again. I tried to hang with these two riders for another lap but I quickly getting toasted. I sat up, caught back on the back of the pack for a few laps trying to recover, I concentrated on slowing down my breathing and my heart rate. Then I noticed the field beginning to string out and split. I spent a few laps (felt like 100) in the wind by myself tyring to catch the lead group. I finally fell back to the main field and finished somewhere. Scott put in a strong effort in the 3/4 race, sitting in great position, then wisely sitting up during a very wild final sprint. Bill put in a great ride, especially since coming off a very long road and cross season. Today I put in two hours with Bill, average heat rate was 138. Tomorrow maybe mountain biking in Big river.

Lynn has been putting time in the on the trainer, dreaming of dominating ladies mountain bike racing this summer.

Lyons and Judge are well rested and are looking forward to a hard day in the Richmond dog park tomorrow.

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